Bullocks sell to £1,150 for 520kg at Pomeroy Mart

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There was a large entry of cattle on Thursday at Pomeroy Mart.

Bullocks sold to £1,150 for 520kg and heifers sold to £1,140.


Tom Rodgers £1,150/520kg, Seamus Brady £11,20/550kg, Eric Robinson £1,075/500kg, Seamus Brady £1,050/540kg, £1,045/490kg, £1,040/500kg, Eric Robinson £1,020/480kg, Shane Daly £985/450kg, A McKenna £980/390kg, Eric Robinson £975/480kg, Peter McCallan £925/430kg, £895/360kg, Sean Clarke £925/450kg, Seamus Brady £920/490kg, Patrick Morris £910/380kg, Vincent Daly £910/460kg, Eric Robinson £895/450kg, Christopher Potter £890/420kg, A McKenna £890/390kg, Vincent Daly £880/410kg, Sarah and Michael Fee £880/470kg, £860/470kg, Sean Clarke £860/460kg, Margaret Corrigan £855/330kg, Peter McCallan £855/320kg, Vincent Daly £850/420kg, P Ward £835/440kg, A McKenna £830/410kg, P Ward £810/440kg, P McCallan £800/400kg,£780/350kg, John and P Lennon £800/410kg and Eric Robinson £780/350kg, £780/400kg, £780/420kg.


Stewart Graham £1,140, Gorthill Farms £1,095/410kg, Tom Rodgers £1,065/500kg, Peter and Stephen McNally £1,020/460kg, Tom Rodgers £1,010/440kg, Gorthill Farms £955/410kg, James Donaghey £950/470kg, £925/450kg, £915/460kg, £915/450kg, £840/460kg, Daniel Keenan £905/410kg, Gorthill Farms £900/400kg, A McKenna £860/420kg,£800/400kg, Peter and Stephen McNally £780/350kg, £770/340kg, £760/340kg, A McKenna £780/400kg and Daniel Keenan £765/390kg,