Bullocks sell to £1,225 for 570kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Great demand for cattle on Wednesday.

Bullocks sold to £1,225 for 570kg and heifers sold to £1,025 for 530kg.


Kenneth Johnston £1,225/570kg, £1,225/530kg, £1,130/520kg, £1,085/560kg, £1,035/520kg, £1,035/520kg, £1,030/530kg, Kieran McShane £1,220/610kg, £1,215/570kg, £1,210/600kg, £1,210/580kg, £1,125/540kg, John Arbuckle £1,090/560kg, Norman Thompson £915/520kg, James Neely £560/300kg, £540/290kg, £515/280kg and J and S Pollock £555/60kg, £550/260kg, £500/260kg.


Norman Thompson £1,025/530kg, £1,020/550kg, John Arbuckle £975/530kg, £975/560kg, George Hamilton £930/490kg, £905/490kg, Norman Thompson £895/470kg, John Beattie £890/400kg, £885/450kg, £825/410kg, £750/390kg, £735/370kg, £680/370kg, George Hamilton £830/480kg, £740/470kg, S Moore £600/360kg, £585/350kg, £580/270kg, J and S Pollock £570/280kg, £535/260kg, S Lynch £550/280kg, £550/210kg, J Neely £545/320kg and J and S Pollock £500/270kg, £500/260kg.

A flying trade in all sheep sections. More fat lambs needed to meet export demands.


Gareth Tracey £96.50/27kg, John Gilfillan £94.20/25kg, A and B Douglas £88.50/23kg, Patrick McCrossan £88, J P Magill £87/24kg, Hume Brothers £86, D Walker £85.50/23kg and H McCollum £85.20/23kg.


S Clarke £77, £75, Scott Cunningham £76, Marvyn Whiteside £75, Alaistair Glen £71.50, Patrick Sharkey £67 and Patrick Mccrossan £61.


Mervyn Whiteside £108, A and B Douglas £104, John Gilfillan £104, Michael Healy £102, Owen McDevitt £104, A and B Douglas £97, Owen McDevitte £92, Ian Townley £90, J Magill £89, Owen McDevitt £84, Arthur Rainey £90, Hume Bros £86, Patrick McCrosson £85, John Gilfillan £80, P and A Millar £80, Samuel Millar £77.50 and Arthur Rainey £70.