Bullocks sell to £1,235 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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A great entry of 277 head for the last sale of November.

Bullocks sold to £1,235.

Good quality lots clearing up to 229p/k for a 408k Limousin at £935 from Drumaness.

A big entry of weanlings easily cleared up to 260p/k for a 200k female Limousin at £520 from Carginagh.

A Grallagh farmer sold seven Charolais females to average over 250p/k.

Store heifers cleared up to £1,065 for an OTM Belgian Blue from Derryogue.

Fewer dropped calves this week sold to £380 for a Belgian Blue bull from Rathfriland.


Rathfriland farmer: £380, £375, £370, £365, £360, £335 for Belgian Blue bulls. Ballyveamore farmer: Limousin bull, £360. Loughbrickland farmer: Fleckvieh bull £340. Warringstown farmer: Belgian Blue bull £275. Lurgancahone farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £260. Banbridge farmer: Angus bull £245.


Rostrevor farmer: 476k at £940, 286k at £685, 242k at £520, 170k at £360. Ballybannon farmer: 470k at £880. Ballynamagna farmer: 324k at £725. Ballyward farmer: 446k at £800. Kilkeel farmer: 450k at £855, 270k at £590. Carginagh farmer: 262k at £565, 262k at £555, 200k at £520, 198k at £435. Grallagh farmer: 202k at £505, 212k at £505, 174k at £445, 190k at £450, 162k at £415, 146k at £350. Poyntzpass farmer: 344k at £655.


Dromara farmer: 514k at £975. Clontifleece farmer: 527k at £900, 560k at £820. Annalong farmer: 490k at £885, 446k at £805, 420k at £720. Ballyward farmer: 370k at £760, 378k at £750, 400k at £730, 408k at £730, 376k at £730. Fedney farmer: 534k at £780.


Ballyward farmer: 2 OTM, 702k at £1,235 and 688k at £1,145. Drumaness farmer: 490k at £1,040, 470k at £985, 474k at £970, 408k at £935. Ballyward farmer: 362k at £745, 356k at £715. Dromara farmer: 514k at £975, 384k at £740.

An improved trade for all classes of sheep on Tuesday evening.

Fat lambs sold to £99 from a Dromore farm.

Store lambs cleared up to 433p/k for 17.9k at £77.50 from Ribadoo. All store lambs under 19k averaged 421p/k.

A larger entry of fat ewes sold to £100.


Dromore farmer: 30k at £99. Loughgilly farmer: 29.6k at £98. Kilcoo farmer: 28.4k at £98. Legananny farmer: 26.8k at £98. Leitrim farmer: 27.5k at £97.50. Cullion farmer: 29k at £97. Poyntzpass farmer: 28k at £96. Hilltown farmer: 24k at £96. Blackscull farmer: 22.5k at £88. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 24.3k at £95.50. Hillsborough farmer: 20.8k at £82.50 and 21.6k at £85. Ribadoo farmer: 17.9k at £77.50. Ballyroney farmer: 18.3k at £78.50. Castlewellan farmer: 18.6k at £79. Dromore farmer: 18.4k at £77.50.


Ballinahinch farmer: £100. Cullyhanna farmer: £96 and £89. Rathfriland farmer: £88. Loughbrickland farmer: £88. Newry farmer: £84 and £82. Loughgilly farmer: £80.