Bullocks sell to £1,275 for 580kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

An excellent trade for all types of cattle this week.

Bullocks sold to £1,275/580kg, heifers sold to £1,200/610kg and fat cows sold to £1,219.40/670kg.


David Smyth £1,275/580kg, £1,235/600kg, S Kelly £1,200/620kg, £1,190/580kg, Kenneth Johnston £1,160/540kg, £1,130/520kg, £1,070/550kg, £1,070/550kg, £1,010/490kg, £1,005/500kg, S Kelly £975/420kg, S Cairns £955/440kg, R Matthews £925/570kg, £790, James McCollum £905/480kg, £820/540kg, Lionel Barr £770/400kg, £760/420kg, £740/430kg, £700/420kg, £685/420kg, £670/420kg, S Kelly £760/390kg, R Matthews £715/490kg, ££705/490kg and W Hamilton £650/250kg.


Maurice Thompson £1,200/610kg, Thomas Whiteside £1,140/530kg, £1,110/570kg, £1,065/550kg, £1,015/500kg, £1,000/500kg, £970/510kg, S Kelly £1,160/500kg, £1,060/500kg, Maurice Thompson £965/560kg, Thomas McCracken £955/490kg, £920/500kg, £860/460kg, £850/440kg, James McCollum £920/520kg, £850/480kg, £800/500kg, A Hamilton £520/340kg, £455/220kg, James Neely £500/290kg, £475/290kg, £450/250kg and G Archibald £400/250kg, £395/220kg.


Maurice Thompson £1,219.40/670kg, £1,012.60/610kg, Mervyn Whiteside £799.80/620kg, Alan McMurray £775/620kg, £770/700kg, Mark Hamilton £666.40/560kg, H L and A Colhoun £660/600kg, £630/630kg, Mervyn Whiteside £625.40/590kg and J and H Foster £595.90/590kg, £519.40/490kg.

Fat lambs sell to £97 - a flying trade in all sections.

Fat ewes sold to £110, store lambs sold to £76 and ewes and lambs sold £180.


Alan Doherty £97/29kg, Eamon McCloskey £96.50/29kg, John Cuthbert £96/27kg, Robert Quigley £95.50/26kg, Patrick McNicholl £94.80/25kg, Michael O'Hara £94.80/24kg, Eamon McCloskey £94.80/26kg, Andrew McKinley £94.80/24kg, Jennifer Smyth £94.50/27kg, Owen McDevitt £94/25kg, Norman Thompson £91.50/25kg, S Devine £91.50/24kg, Robert Lowry £90.80/25kg, John Mark £90.50/25kg, Owen McDevitt £90/24kg, Kelly Farms £85.80/23kg, John Mark £84.50/23kg and Norman Thompson £82/23kg.


A and D Smyth £110, S Kane £105, £103, £102, Stephen Johnston £99, S Kane £94, Kelly Farms £93.50, Robert Lowry £91, William Mitchell £90, John Smyth £89, S Kane £88, £84, D Lynch £86, Stephen Johnston £80, Patrick McNicholl £75, Martin Doherty £73 and S Kane £70.


Edward Quigley £180, £178, £70, £145, £120 and S Porter £171, £120.