Bullocks sell to £1,320 for 740kg at Lisahally Mart

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Great demand for stock on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart.

Bullocks £1,320/740kg, heifers £1,060/540kg and fat cows £1,196/650kg.

More stock needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: Daniel Wade £1,320/740kg, £1,190/640kg, £1,135/640kg, Andrew McKinley £1,250/600kg, £1,245/630kg, Alexander McLaughlin £1,190/550kg, £1,175/580kg, W Allen £1,175/580kg, £1,120/540kg, £1,050/490kg £1,035/450kg, Patrick O’Connor £1155/560kg, David Hawthorn £1,100/580kg, £1,095/630kg, £1,085/700kg, £1,065/590kg, £1,055/580kg, D McCrea £1,045/560kg, W Allen £985/490kg, £950/450kg, £930/470kg, £930/490kg, £930/450kg, £880/460kg, David Hunter £890/450kg, £880/450kg, John McGowan £775/400kg.

HEIFERS: Brian O’Kane £1,060/540kg, Patrick Brolly £1,010/590kg, £885/500kg, £870/530kg, C Moore £1,010/400kg, £1,005/410kg, £995/490kg,£990/470kg, £880/420kg, £860/400kg, £820/400kg, William Moore £930/530kg, William Smyth £790/430kg, George Hamilton £765/450kg, £760/430kg, £715/460kg, John McGowan £765/370kg, S Kelly £765320kg, William Moore £750/480kg, £700/460kg, £700/470kg, £700/470kg, £680/400kg, William Smyth £730/450kg, £725/480kg, David Gamble £730/400kg, Herbert Dixon £700/370kg, Brian Thompson £670/330kg, T Ross £640/380kg.

FAT COWS: Donald Sayers £1,196/650kg, £1,152.90/610kg, Hamilton Sayers £987/700kg, £971.50/670kg, £855.60/690kg, Alexander McLaughlin £97920/720kg, Brian Thompson £921.10/610kg, H Kelly £702/540kg.