Bullocks sell to £1,325 for 630kg at Lisahally Mart

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Cattle sold to a great demand at Lisahally Mart on Wednesday.

More stock needed to meet demand.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Maurice Thompson £1,325/630kg, £1,275/550kg, £1,200/550kg, P Woods £1,180/510kg, Alexander McLaughlin £1,150/520kg, £1,120/500kg, £1,070/460kg, £1,050/470kg, £1,035/490kg, £990/480kg, £980/460kg, £965/520kg, £955/480kg, R Wilson £1,030/500kg, Philip Bryson £950/480kg, David Devine £935/500kg, £905/470kg, £900/450kg, £855/440kg, R Wilson £850/430kg, John Dodds £815/530kg, James O’Connor £815/430kg.

HEIFERS: Donald Sayers £1,430/710kg, £1,170/600kg, £1,165/570kg, Maurice Thompson £1,320/570kg, £1150/550kg, R and G Hamilton £1,305/660kg, £1140/620kg, Eric Christie £1,060/560kg, £1,060/610kg, £1,000/570kg, £840/480kg, Maurice Thompson £1,030/460kg, E Christie £1,000/570kg, S Loughlin £985/440kg, £980/420kg, £925/390kg, £885/440kg, £875/450kg, £840/400kg, £800/400kg, £800/390kg, £800/380kg, £800/390kg, £795/400kg, £795/390kg, £790/410kg, £735/380kg, £710/360kg, £705/290kg, £700/290kg, £700/350kg, £680/310kg, Hugh Higgins £650/260kg, £630/280kg.

FAT COWS: Steven McGuinness £1,421.40/1030, £964.80/720kg, Nigel Stevenson £942.40/620kg, Violet McClelland £912/760kg, W and D Devine £720.30/490kg.

Lambs remained at a strong trade on Tuesday with stock selling to up to £94.80/23kg.

Great demand on fat ewes also as they reached sold to up to £120.

FAT LAMBS: Robert Quigley £94.80/23kg, E Wylie £94.20/2kg, Reid Clarke £94.20/25kg, Eamon Henry £94/25kg, Kevin Bryson £93.80/23kg, Margaret Quigley £93/24kg, A McLaughlin £93/23kg, Brian Johnston £92.80/23kg, James Proctor £92/23kg, £92, Stephen Johnston £92/23kg, Thomas Henderson £91.50/22kg, Seamus McCloskey £91.50/23kg, Kenneth Johnston £90.20/23kg, Amanda Scott £90/22kg, Michael McShane £89.20/21kg, John Fahy £86/22kg, James Hogg £85/21kg, £84.50/21kg, Paul Duffy £84.50/21kg, Robert Waugh £84/20kg, Daniel Evans £84/22kg, Norman McFarland £81.20/20kg.

STORE LAMBS: C Farrell £60.50, £59, £55, Shane McCloskey £52.

FAT EWES: John McWilliams £120, Wilfred Purcell £103, Cecilia O’Kane £80, A and B Douglas £77, Daniel Evans £74, S McCloskey £72, John Halcrow £72, E Henry £72, James Proctor £70, Wilfred Purcell £70, Robert Waugh £69.50, John Murray £69.50, E Wylie £60.