Bullocks sell to £1,360 at Enniskillen Mart

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There was a tremendous entry for the end of July at Thursday’s sale at Enniskillen Mart.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 215 to 261 for a Charolais 396kg at £1,035, mediumweights sold from 210 to 271 for a Charolais 418kg at £1,135, heavy weights sold from 200 to 238 for a Charolais 516kg at £1,230 and sold up to £1,360 per head.

BULLOCKS: Churchill producer Charolais 418kg at £1,135, Charolais 424kg at £1,100, Garavary producer Charolais 402kg at £10,80, Charolais 396kg at £105, Limousin 424kg at £1,095, Charolais 424kg at £1,085, Charolais 430kg at £1,100, Charolais 516kg at £1,230, SS 582kg at £1,340, Bellanaleck producer Charolais 420kg at £1,105, Derrylin producer Charolais 384kg at £980, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 588kg at £1,210, Charolais 558kg at £1,265 Tempo producer Charolais 542kg at £1,260.

WEANLINGS: A superb entry of top quality wealings sold to a large gallery of buyers. A Limousin bull 380kg at £1,075. Florencecourt producer Charolais heifer 350kg at £1,075. Weanling bulls sold from at £750 to at £1,075. Wealing heifers from at £650 to at £1,075.

Ruling prices: Lisnaskea producer Limousin heifer 391kg at £1,000, Florencecourt producer Charolais bull 286kg at £965, Charolais heifer 312kg at £905, Fintona producer Limousin bull 390kg at £935, Enniskillen producer Charolais bull 391kg at £955, Charolais bull 367kg at £945, Charolais bull 375kg at £945, Rocor producer Charolais bull 380k at £885, Omagh producer bull 364kg at £880, Derrygonnelly producer Charolais heifer 375kg at £930, Garrison producer Charolais heifer 338kg at £830, Coa producer Limousin heifer 379kg at £820.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Derrygonnelly producer Charolais bull at £570, Enniskillen producer Charolais heifer at £505, Charolais heifer at £500, Charolais bull at £495, Roscor producer Charolais bull at £490, Charolais bull at £465, Lisnaskea producer Charolais heifer at £460.

CALVES: Enniskillen producer Charolais bull at £355, Belgian Blue heifer at £305, Friesian bull at £100, Friesian bull at £90, Letterbreen producer Belgian Blue heifer at £335, Friesian bull at £78, Tempo producer Charolais bull at £320, Magheraveely producer Aberdeen Angus heifer at £320, Agnalane producer Charolais bull at £305, Irvinestown producer Charolais heifer at £310, Lisbellaw producer Simmental heifer at £300.

SUCKLER COWS: Aghagallon Simmental cow with bull at £1,640, Limousin cow with bull at £1,400, Derrylin producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,600, Belgian Blue cow with bull at £1,370, Lisnaskea producer Charolais cow with heifer at £1,440, Limousin cow with bull at £1,390, Tempo producer Hereford cow with heifer at £1,420, Florencecourt producer Charolais cow with heifer at £1,370, Maguiresbridge producer Simmental cow with bull at £1,300, Clogher Aberdeen Angus cow with bull at £1,310.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 225ppk paid for a 595kg Limousin at £1,335. Medium and light weights from 190-248ppk paid for a 420kg Charolais at £1,040.

Florencecourt producer Limousin 595kg at £1,335, Charolais 570kg at £1,255, Leggs producer Charolais 555kg at £1,240, Garrison producer Charolais 520kg at £1,145, Dunagonnon producer Charolais 450kg at £1,050, Charolais 460kg at £1,025, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 420kg Charolais at £1,040, Charolais 450kg at £1,000, Charolais 400kg at £945, Charolais 400kg at £900.

Fat cows: Beef cows to at £1,320 for a 800kg Limousin at 165ppk. Feeding cows to 194ppk, bulls up to at £1,225 for a 1,000kg Charolais. Florencecourt producer 362kg Limousin at £735, Lisnaskea producer 618kg Limousin at £820, 622kg Limousin at £830, Newtownbutler producer 554kg Friesian at £680, 804kg Friesian at £975 (bull), Garrison producer 586kg Simmental at £810, 624k Limousin at £960, Kesh producer 518kg Limousin at £900, Boho producer 572kg Charolais at £660, Leggs producer 842kg Simmental cows at £1,245, Enniskillen producer 852kg Charolais at £1,340, 66kg Limousin at £980, Coa producer 694kg Charolais at £1,150, Trillick producer 662kg Charolais at £1,150, Castlederg producer 552 Aberdeen Angus at £570, Derrygonnelly producer 6516kg Charolais at £1,000, Lisnaskea producer 596kg Charolais at £1,275.