Bullocks sell to £1,365 and heifers to £1,335 at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Keen demand in all sections with bullocks selling to £1,365 for 670kg and heifers sold to £1,335 for 630kg on Wednesday.


Robert Starrett £1,365/670kg, £1,350/650kg, £1,310/680kg, £1,295/570kg, £1,230/580kg, £1,170/560kg, £1,170/560kg, £1,170/580kg, £1,110/540kg, £1,020/510kg, £1v015/450kg, Adam Dunlop £875/460kg, John McClelland £965/480kg, £930/430kg, £910/410kg, £900/410kg, £900/470kg, £900/390kg, £895/430kg, £880/390kg, 3880/350kg, Adam Dunlop £870/420kg, R Matthews £830/480kg, £825/530kg, £800/500kg, £740/470kg, £740/430kg and John Beattie £765/500kg, £720/430kg, £680/460kg, £660/460kg.


David McMurray £1,335/630kg, £1,295/650kg, £1,285/630kg, £1,235/610kg, Mervyn Boyle £970/470kg, £900/490kg, John McClelland £840/400kg, £805/400kg, S Cairns £740/460kg, £735/450kg, Owen Kerrigan £705/450kg, 3690/290KG, Mervyn Boyle £660/320kg, Owen Kerrigan £625/330kg, James Neely £620/330kg, John J Baxter £600/270kg, £600/280kg, £600/290kg, £600/290kg, £560/250kg, £550/270kg, £500/260kg and John Proctor £590/280kg.

Another exceptional sale on Tuesday with fat lambs selling to £130, store lambs £90 and fat ewes £119.


J Burns £130/30kg, Reid Clarke £126.50/25kg, S Daly £124.50/25kg, William McGaughey £120/27, M Mullan £120/26kg, J Mark £119.50/24kg, George McKinley £116.50/27kg, M Kelly £118/28kg, Jenny Maxwell £118/29kg, Michael O'Hara £115.50/24kg, Brian O'Neill £115.50/25kg, David Walsh £114/26kg, £114/23kg, D Martin £114/23kg, John Mark £111.50/26kg, John Cuthbert £110/25kg, Alan McMurray £109.50/24kg, Alan McFarland £109/24kg, Henry Reilly £109/24kg, S Martin £108/24kg, John McDevitt £105/24kg, John Grant £104.50/25kg, Owen McDevitt £101/30kg, John Cuthbert £101 and D Walker £100.50/22kg.


Mark Scott £90, Norman Thompson £88 and Herbert Dixon £80.


C McCrudden £119, Andrew Olphert £118, £116, H Jeffers £117, C Daly £109, £107, £102, F Daly £101, Norris McCracken £100, C Martin £97, S Lynch £90, £89, P Rafferty £90, C McCrudden £90, John McDevitt £84, Owen McDevitte £84 and Camish Farms £82, £74.