Bullocks sell to £1,370 for 710kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

There was a good entry of stock on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart despite poor weather conditions.

Prices as follows


John and Ryan Young £1,370/710kg, Matthew Blair £1,315/650kg, £1,285/670kg, £1,205/690kg, John and Ryan Young £1,240/640kg, £1,090/560kg and David Hawthorn £900/530kg, £885/460kg.


S McGuinness £1,040/520kg, James O'Hagan £870/430kg, Anthony Doherty £835/480kg, James O'Hagan £800/440kg, £740/440kg, £730/430kg, Anthony Doherty £780/470kg, £730/390kg, S and A Doherty £760/450kg, £740/420kg, James O'Hagan £730/430kg, £725/420kg, £720/420kg, £700/440kg, £690/380kg, £660/390kg, £650/360kg, £635/390kg, £635/410kg and Derek McNeely £565/290kg, £505/250kg.


Nigel Stevenson £1,377/850kg, S McGuinness £1,153.40/730kg, £891/660kg, £862.50/690kg, J and H Foster £882/700kg, £841.80/690kg, £830.80/670kg, £812/700kg, Mervyn Whiteside £793/610kg, S McGuinness £755.20/590kg and L Kelly £598/520kg.