Bullocks sell to £1,375 and heifers at Rathfriland Co-Op

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The tremendous trade for cattle continued last Friday (June 16th) at Rathfriland Co-Op with a strong entry of bullocks selling to 239p/k paid for a 372k Charolais at £890 from Ballyroney.

A third of the entire entry of bullocks sold at over £1,000 each eg Legananny farmer: 660k Limousin at £1,375. Corraghs farmer: 566k at £1,235. Rathfriland farmer: 510k at £1,200.

Friesian bullocks were in keen demand to a top of £910 for 558k lot from Rathfriland.

Heavy heifers were a great trade eg Begney farmer: 646k Charolais at £1,365. Corbally farmer: 600k Aberdeen Angus at £1,230. Shanrod farmer sold a 350k Limousin at £845 and a Dromore farmer 472k Belgian Blue at £1,140 both 231p/k.

More fat cows around this week with a top of £1,025 for 645k from Dromara.

Suckler outfits £1,560, £1,290 and £1,180 for Derryadd.

Weanlings easily topped at 280p/k for 280k at £800 from the same farm.

A Belgian Blue heifer calves topped calves at £430 with three similar animals reaching £405, £400 and £380 from a Katesbridge farm.

DROPPED CALVES: Katesbridge farmer: Belgian Blue £430, £405, £400, £380 and £315. Ballykeel farmer: Hereford £400, £400, £380 etc. Dromore farmer: Hereford bull £385. Carnacally farmer: Hererford bull £345 and heifer £305. Corbally farmer: Limousin bulls £340 and £305. Hillsborough farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £305 and Hereford £300.

WEANLINGS: Edenagarry farmer: 436k at £960. Leitrim farmer: 400k at £840, 360k at £805, 412k at £940. Banbridge farmer: 276k at £755, 278k at £755, 306k at £750 and 330k at £745. Castlewellan farmer: 294k at £735, 322k at £700, 306k at £660 and 236k at £550. Warrenpoint farmer: 272k at £645. Gilford farmer: 214k at £525, 262k at £580, 246k at £540. Dunturk farmer: 234k at £555, 286k at £640, 248k at £550. Rostrevor farmer: 316k at £565, 234k at £500.

HEIFERS: Begney farmer: 646k at £1,365, 574k at £1,070. Dromore farmer: 474k at £1,140. Shanrod farmer: 350k at £845. Corbally farmer: 606k at £1,230, 558k at £1,130, 530k at £1,100. Ballyward farmer: 462k at £945.

FAT COWS & SUCKLERS: Lurgan farmer: Three outfits £1,560, £1,290, £1,180. Shanrod farmer: £1,060 and £1,050. Fat cows – Dromara farmer: 640k at £1,025. Sheeptown farmer: 656k at £880. Rathfriland farmer: 556k at £700. Holstein to £540.

BULLOCKS: Legananny farmer: 662k at £1,375, 560k at £1,125. Corraghs farmer: 566k at £1,235, 534k at £1,140, 516k at £1,140, 522k at £1,080, 452k at £1,055, 474k at £1,055, 478k at £1,000. Rathfriland farmer: 510k at £1,200. Dromara farmer: 512k at £1,050. Drumbuck farmer: 490k at £1,010, 414k at £840. Ballyward farmer: 476k at £985. Friesian bullocks to £910 for 558k.

Lamb prices reduced on Tuesday evening in line with factory prices.

Farmers from Ballyward and Corbet reached £95 for 24k. Mayobridge farmer: 23.5k at £94.50. Grallagh farmer: 22.6k at £93. Katesbridge farmer: 24k at £93. Ballykeel farmer: 24.6k at £93. Ballymartin farmer: 22.4k at £90. Kilkeel farmer: 21k at £88. Kilcoo farmer: 20k at £83.50. Dromore farmer: 20.5k at £85.50. Rathfriland farmer: 22k at £93.

FAT EWES: A top of £85 was paid to a Corbet farmer. Annaclone farmer: £77. Kilcoo farmer: £75. Rathfriland farmer: £70 twice. Kilkeel farmer: £70. Castlewellan farmer: £70. Hilltown farmer: £70.