Bullocks sell to £1,375 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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The only decrease in numbers on Friday was the weanling section.

Good quality weanlings sold to 262p/k for a 244k Limousin male from Rostrevor.

A second lot from this farm sold at £720 for 280k or 257p/k.

A good entry of bullocks cleared up to £1,375 for a 698k Limousin from Moira. A 592k Limousin from this farm sold at £1,220.

Suckler cows sold to £1,660 for an Aughnlisnafin farmer with a young Limousin bull from Ballinran selling at £1,240.

Store heifers were a good quality and sold to £900 for a 478k Belgian Blue from Moira.

Over 100 dropped calves included young sturks up to four months old.

A Hereford bull from Castlewellan sold at £470.

An outstanding Simmental heifer calf from the same farm sold at £550.


Castlewellan farmer: £550, £470 and £445. Aughlisnafin farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £490. Ringclare farmer: Limousin male £355, Simmental male £345. Derrylecka farmer: Simmental bulls £345. South Armagh farmer: Shorthorn bull £300. Warringsford farmer: Belgian Blue heifers £440, £325, £315 etc. Ballykeel farmer: Belgian Blue bull £295, Belgian Blue heifer £325. Annalong farmer: Limousin females £300 twice for twin heifers.


Hillsborough farmer: 520k at £890, 356k at £625. Downpatrick farmer: 332k at £835, 336k at £680. Rostrevor farmer: 280k at £720 and 244k at £640. Annaclone farmer: 330k at £700 (twice) and 276k at £650. Cabra farmer: 276k at £570. Poyntzpass farmer: 274k at £440. Lisnaward farmer: 174k at £395, 174k at £375, 266k at £505, 222k at £405. Moybrick farmer: 238k at £590, 262k at £570, 252k at £605 and 280k at £590.


Lisburn farmer: 478k at £900, 428k at £870, 440k at £800. Poyntzpass farmer: 470k at £865, 424k at £840, 438k at £790, 440k at £780, 430k at £780. Lisburn farmer: 312k at £650, 368k at £730. Ballycross farmer: 482k at £820, 458k at £795.


Ballykeel farmer: 556k Montbeliarde at £1,020. Moira farmer: 698k at £1,375, 592k at £1,220, 634k at £1,190. Newry farmer: 470k at £945, 482k at £940. Ballymartin farmer: 458k at £930, 422k at £910. Newry farmer: 410k at £860, 408k at £805 and 436k at £780. Newry farmer: 20 Limousins 414k at £840, 430k at £840, 498k at £890, 438k at £880, 414k at £800, 472k at £880, 442k at £840, 426k at £800. Lisburn farmer: 418k at £800, 382k at £655.

Suckler cows sold to £1,660 and bulls to £1,240.

Fat lambs sold to £87 on Tuesday evening with the top 10 lots selling from £82.50 to £87.

Store lambs were plentiful with most selling between 370p/k and 381p/k.

A Katesbridge farmer sold 19.3k at £73.50. Shinn farmer: 18k at £68.50. Hilltown farmer: 19.5k at £71.50. Kilkeel farmer: 17.5k at £68. Ballynahinch farmer: 19.7k at £72.50. Kilcoo farmer: 32k at £87. Dromore farmer: 26k at £85. Quilly farmer: 29k at £85. Kilkeel farmer: 26.9k at £85. Kilcoo farmer: 29k at £85. Annalong farmer: 24.5k at £85. Poyntzpass farmer: 23k at £83 etc.


Ballyward and Kilcoo farmers: £78. Dromara farmer: £76. Banbridge farmer: £74 etc.