Bullocks sell to £1,400 for 660kg at Lisahally Mart

An excellent trade on Wednesday with keen demand in all sections.

Bullocks sold to £1,400 for 660kg and heifers sold to £1,450 for 650kg.


James Porter £1,400/660kg, £1,370/kg, £1,325/670kg, £1,320/610kg, £1,290/610kg, £1,290/650kg, £1,245/610kg, £1,215/590KG, £1,200/600kg, £1,180/620kg, £1,180/630kg, £1,175/630kg, £1,160/590kg, £1,150/580kg, £1,135/600kg, £1,130/530kg, £1,115/580kg, £1,095/550kg, £1,060/560kg, Owen McDevitt £1,205/600kg, £1,165/570kg, £1,145/540kg, £1,140/560kg, £1,010/510kg, £980/510kg, Thomas McCracken £1,140/610kg, £955/530kg and Herbert Dixon £1,195/520kg, £1,020/480kg.


Robert Blackburn £1,450/650kg, £1,435/620kg, £1,235/530kg, £1,215/630kg, £1,210/590kg, £1,190/620kg, £1,160/590kg, David McMurray £1,240/630kg, £1,230/590kg, £1,220/640kg, £1,200/620kg, John and Ryan Young £1,085/490kg, £1,030/500kg, James Hasson £1,015/470kg, £910/450kg, £900/440kg, £900/460kg, £880/410kg, £880/430kg, Alexander McLaughlin £990/460kg, £935/470kg, £900/450kg, £880/440kg, £870/430kg, £855/440kg, John and Ryan Young £875/450kg and G Christie £870/390kg, £860/380kg, £855/410kg, £830/420kg.

Lambs sill in demand selling up to £117 on Tuesday.

Fat ewes up to £127.


Graema Cowan £117/30kg, Gerard McIvor £115/25kg, Reid Clarke £112/24kg, Gerard Doherty £110/24kg, Kevin McGee £110/27kg, Andrew Olphert £107/23kg, James McCollum £106/22kg, S Cassidy £106/23kg, John Halcrow £105.50/23kg, G Christie £105/22kg, C McCrudden £104.50/21kg, James Lowry £104/22kg, Patrick Sharkey £103.80/22kg, Ashia Proctor £103.50/21kg and Amanda Scott £100.50/20kg.


Derek McCrea £127, Graeme Cowan £119, William Duncan £98, J J Dalton £94, H Conn £92, David Kelly £90, Andrew Olphert £90,H Conn £90, Rodney Hutchinson £90, £74, S Daly £89, Gerard McIvor £84 and David Kelly £80.