Bullocks sell to £1,400 for 700kg at Lisahally Mart

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A large entry of stock on Wednesday sold to a flying trade.

Bullocks sold to £1,400 for 700kg, heifers sold to £1,115 for 530kg and fat cows sold to £1,288 for 800kg.

BULLOCKS: Samuel Pollock £1,400/700kg, £1,200/580kg, £1,155/610kg, £980/540kg, Hawthorn Heights £1,165/600kg, John Gilfillan £1,150/530kg, James O’Hagan £1,060/530kg, Gerard Martin £1,000/430kg, £935/440kg, £910/410kg, £900/390kg, £895/450kg, £870/390kg, £865/400kg, £860/400kg, £860/410kg, £845/430kg, £705/360kg, James O’Hagan £980/480kg, George Hamilton £960/530kg, £940/500kg, £915/510kg, M and C Duffy £960/470kg, Mervyn Townley £935/480kg, Samuel Pollock £905/510kg and James McGuinness £800/410kg.

HEIFERS: William Smyth £1,115/530kg, John Gilfillan £1,095/490kg, George Hamilton £1,095/530kg, James O’Hagan £1,070/500kg, £940/460kg, £920/390kg, Philip McShane £1070/490kg, S Devine £1000/500kg, £1,000/460kg, £990/500kg, £885/400kg, Trevor Duddy £940/500kg, £880/450kg, £870/480kg, £860/400kg, £850/430kg, George Hamilton £935/510kg, £900/530kg, Liam Devine £900/440kg, James O’Hagan £880/490kg and Thomas Conway £870/410kg.

FAT COWS: Hawthorn Heights £1,288/800kg, John McShane £1,144/650kg, S Cairns £1,132.30/670kg, Kelly Farms £1,091.50/590kg, £1,086.40/560kg, Hawthorn Heights £1,055.70/690kg, £999.60/510kg, Terence McCracken £908.60/590kg, Alan McMurray £896.70/610kg, B and R Gormley £889.20/570kg, William Gamble £855.60/620kg, J and R Young £829.40/580kg, J J Dalton £809.40/570kg, J and R Young £806.20/580kg, Robert Hyndman £803.70/570kg and J J Dalton £739.20/560kg.

A full yard of sheep.

Prices still on a high with fat lambs selling to £137 for 24kg, fat ewes selling to £121 and ewes and lambs selling to £202.

FAT LAMBS: Andrew Olphert £137/24kg, Harold Barbour £130/25kg, Patrick Brolly £123.50/25kg, David Hawthorn £122.50/26kg, Christopher ONeill £122/22kg, Patrick Brolly £120/27kg, E Elder £118.50/26kg,J McDevitt £113/25kg, S Moore £111/20kg, £110/19kg, Joseph O’Connor £109/20kg, E Elder £107/25kg, John Kennedy £105/23kg, R and J Robinson £101/25kg and George McKinney £92/22kg.

FAT EWES: David Hawthorn £121, Andrew Olphert £121, E Moore £120, D Duffy £109, John Brolly £97, John McDevitt £96, Thomas Irons £94, S Devine £90, John Brolly £80, W Devine £79, Noel Donaghy £76 and John McDevitt £71.

EWES & LAMBS: David Hawthorn £202, £160, John Smyth £192, £188, S Campbell £188, £180, N and S Loughlin £162, £142, £130 and Ryan Brolly £155, £148, £145.