Bullocks sell to £1,400 for 720kg at Lisahally Mart

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There was a packed ringside on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart with bullocks selling up to £1,400 for 720kg, heifers sold to £1,245 for 690kg and fat cows sold to £1,022 for 730kg.


Donald Sayers £1,400/720kg, Mathew Blair £1,370/700kg, £1,240/740kg, £1,240/670kg, R Matthews £1,195/610kg, £1,170/590kg, £965/620kg, James McCollum £1,060/550kg, £945/510kg, George Hamilton £1,015/540kg, Gary Edgar £955/360kg, William Buchanan £925/450kg, James McCollum £920/510kg, £895/500kg, William Harkin £900/450kg, David Spence £900/500kg, George Hamilton £895/510kg, Jim Blair £895/470kg, William Buchanan £890/510kg, £885/480kg, £850/480kg, William Harkin £885/490kg, Gary Edgar £870/420kg, Stephen Boyd £850/440kg, £825/430kg and David Spence £805/450kg, £775/450kg, £775/430kg.


Matthew Blair £1,245/690kg, James McCollum £1,190/650kg, Wilbert McNeill £1,065/550kg, £1,000/540kg, Matthew Blair £1,010/600kg,Donald Sayers £1,000/610kg, William Harkin £1,000/500kg, £880/490kg, £840/480kg, George Hamilton £925/510kg, £875/520kg, £860/530kg, £810/530kg, Stephen Boyd £850/470kg, £825/480kg, £760/430kg, James O’Hagan £800/460kg, £745/440kg, £745/310kg, £730/350kg, £720/320kg, £700/310kg, £650/300kg and Scott McNeill £605/360kg.


Gary Edgar £1,022/730kg, David Snodgrass £945.20/680kg, Alexander McLaughlin £904.20/660kg and David Snodgrass £761.40/540kg.

Fat lambs sold to £102 on Tuesday.

Store lambs also sold to an excellent trade of up to £75 and fat ewes £102.


C Moran £102/31kg, £95/26kg, £95/26kg, W McConway £95.20/26kg, Alan McMurray £95/25kg, Michael O’Hara £95/25kg, Thomas Henderson £94.50/25kg, John Dodds £93.50/25kg, Kenneth Johnston £93.50/25kg, £84/22kg, Andrew Olphert £93/21kg, £80/21kg, D Walker £91/25kg, Robert Hancock £90/23kg, R and M Archibald £90/25kg, G Begley £87/23kg, Ballarena Est £85/23kg,Terence McCracken £85/23kg, and Martin O’Connor £83/22kg.


D Crockett £75, R Smyth £74, £70, £65, S Daly £73, Robert Hamilton £74, R and W Golligher £68, £64, £63.50,Kenneth Johnston £70, Thomas Henderson £68, G Begley £67 and E Wylie £64.


Andrew Olphert £102, Robert Hamilton £100,Kenneth Johnston £92, C Moran £92, A Buchanan £90, £89, R Hancock £84, £61, C O’Kane £83, £80, David Crocket £75 and Morris McDonald £74.50.