Bullocks sell to £1,470 for 730kg at Pomeroy Mart

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A full yard of stock with an excellent demand in all sections at Pomeroy.


Francis McCullagh £1470/730kg, S Kerr £1260/550kg, William Moore £1160/470kg, Dominic Ryan £1060/400kg, £1060/410kg, £1040/410kg, £1000/360kg, £1000/360kg, £995/400kg, £905/370kg, £850/360kg, Eamon McKenna £1050/510kg, M Quinn £980/500kg, £920/490kg, £860/430kg, Eamon McKenna £900/420kg, Alan Coyle £895/410kg, Alwyn Gillis £850/400kg, William Moore £830/420kg, £715/360kg, Edward Ferry £790/410kg, £720/390kg, Dominic Ryan £750/310kg, Eugene Haughey £700/320kg, John Gilespie £700/410kg ,£640/390kg, William Moore £675/380kg, Alan Coyle £650/310kg, Edward Ferry £630/340kg, £620/330kg


Cecil Morrison £1200, S Moore £1180/470kg, Alwyn Gillis £1010/470kg, Leonard Foster £1000/520kg, Cecil Morrison £980, M Quinn £900/450kg, £820/420kg, £820/410kg, S Moore £890/420kg, Dominic Ryan £875/400kg, £810/330kg, £785/330kg, William Moore £840/10kg, £805/420kg, D Kerr £840/420kg, £770/380kg, £750/380kg, £740/370kg, £740/370kg, £740/370kg, Francis McCullagh £790/420kg, £780/340kg, £770/410kg, John Gillespie £755/310kg, Alwyn Gillis £740/410kg, £720/430kg, Peter Quinn £700/330kg.