Bullocks sell to £1,480 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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A good entry of cattle with magnificent prices on Friday (September 7th).

The longest entry of weanlings for several weeks cleared up to £1,005 for a male from Mayobridge and £890 for a female from the same farm.

A large entry of heifers sold to £1,165 for a 580k Aberdeen Angus from Ballymartin.

Two Limousin bullocks from Dromara topped the bullocks at £1,480 and £1,465.

A strong entry of suckler cows with calves at foot sold to £1,210 for an 11 year old cow with a calf at foot.

A Charolais bull from Rostrevor 1,076k sold at £1,450.

Dropped and young sturks sold to £525 for a Charolais bull from Ballynahinch.

Two Hereford bulls from the same farm sold at £490 and £375.


Ballynahinch farmer: £525, £490, £375, £330 etc. Cascum farmer: Simmental bulls £355 and £315. BB blues £325 and £285. Banbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £290. Finnis farmer: Simmental female £295, Belgian Blues £220, £270 and £250. Seafin farmer: Limousin male at £270. Mayobridge farmer: Hereford female at £230. Magheradroll farmer: Aberdeen Angus female £215, £195 and £190.


Mayobridge farmer: 556k at £1,005, 450k at £890, 436k at £820. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 408k at £920, 412k at £890, 376k at £885. Ballyveamore farmer: 458k at £915. Ballynahinch farmer: 412k at £850. Ballyward farmer: 356k at £770, 370k at £690. Ballymartin farmer: 314k at £674. Ballynafern farmer: 322k at £700. Ballynahinch farmer: 354k at £760, 412k at £850, 340k at £700. Ballyroney farmer: 326k at £750, 380k at £785 and 384k at £720.


Annalong farmer: 588k at £1,165, 612k at £1,130. Rathfriland farmer: 566k at £1,000, 590k at £1,000, 500k at £940. Ballymartin farmer: 424k at £810, 454k at £800. Newry farmer: 500k at £940, 470k at £850, 444k at £840. Glenhorne farmer: 424k at £865.


Fat cows sold to £980 for 702k from Newry.

Cows with calves at foot £1,210, £1,140, £1,110, £1,050 and £1,000.

Springers £880, £870 etc.

Breeding bulls to £1,450.


Dromara farmer: 788k at £1,480, 708k at £1,465. Cabra farmer: 566k at £1,135, 560k at £990, 526k at £910, 548k at £900. Newry farmer: 480k at £880, 498k at £870. Tullyglush farmer: 468k at £870, 406k at £735.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: 666k at £980, 530k at £810, 548k at £845, 610k at £945, 596k at £895, 470k at £710, 460k at £680, 568k at £850, 500k at £810 etc.

A top of £152 was paid for hogget ewes at Monday evenings breeding sale.

These were presented by a Warrenpoint farmer who sold a second lot at £130. Overall prices for breeding stock was easier this week.

At Tuesday evening’s weekly sheep sale, 1,100 lambs sold to £82 for two lot from Kilcoo.

Prices again were easier for fat lambs, but stores were still a good trade.

Fat rams to £90.

Fat ewes to £80 which not as many good ewes in entry.


1 lamb weighing 28k which was sold by the Sloane family for the Southern Area Hospice reached £120. The lamb was purchased by Flagstaff Exports.

Light stores reached 391p/k for 14.3k at £56 each from a Donaghmore farm. 15.3k from Leitrim sold at £58.50. 15.2k from Kilkeel at £58. A Ballyward farmer sold 18.4k at £70. Ballynahinch farmer: 18.2k at £69. Kilcoo farmer: 25k at £82 and 30k at £82. Imdel farmer: 25.7k at £81. Dromore farmer: 25k at £80.50. Dromara farmer: 24.9k at £80. Farmers from Ballymartin, Castlewellan, Dromara and Dromore all sold lambs at £80 per head.


Newry farmer: fat ram, £90. Ballinaskeagh farmer: fat ewes, £80. Cabra farmer: £80 and £76. Cabra farmer: £77. Katesbridge farmer: £77. Portaferry farmer: £80. Ballynahinch farmer: £78.

Final breeding sheep sale on Monday, September 16th at 7pm.

All breeding stock after this date will be sold at Tuesday’s weekly sheep sale after the lamb section.