Bullocks sell to £1130 for 520kg at Pomeroy

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Another excellent sale on Thursday sold to a strong trade throughout at Pomeroy.

BULLOCKS: Francis McCullagh £1130/520kg, Kieran Harvey £870/380kg, Denis McVeigh £800/330kg, £735/300kg, £725/300KG, £705/280kg, £680/300kg, £625/260kg, Francis McCullagh £865/400kg, E Donnelly £740/350kg, Kieran Harvey £735/320kg, £730/350kg, £725/350kg, £700/290kg, £700/320kg, £660/320kg, £650/320kg, £640/320kg, Maureen and Bryan McCarroll £700/340kg, G McDonald £665/330kg, £660/320kg, E Donnelly £660/320kg, £625/300kg, £600/260kg, £535/250kg, Michael Conway £600/210kg,  Kieran Harvey £600/290kg, Denis McVeigh £560/240kg, G McDonald £550/270kg.

HEIFERS: Bracken Hill Farms £1300, Cyril Armstrong £830/430kg, £800/400kg, £720/380kg, Darren McLarren £810/380kg, B Quinn £780/380kg, Kieran Harvey £640/290kg, Thomas Donnelly £625/300kg, E Donnely £615/300kg, Michael Lennon £610/310kg, E Donnelly £590/270kg, Kierna Harvey 3585/260kg, £580/270kg, G McDonald £565/310kg, Thomas Donnelly £560/3330kg, £520/240kg.