Bullocks sell to £1155 for 620kg at Lisahally

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A steady trade throughout on Wednesday at Lisahally.

More stock needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: R Killen £1155/620kg, £1145/590kg, £1095/570kg, £1090/580kg, £900/530kg, £860/590kg, £845/520kg, £840/530kg, James Donaldson £1060/540kg, £975/530kg, K Lagan £1020/520kg, £950/510kg, £940/510kg, A Moore £690/350kg, £650/360kg, John Griffith £655/290kg, £640/260kg, £600/270kg, W Hamilton £630/310kg, £600/280kg, £550/270kg, Frank McConalogue £600/450kg,John Griffith £545/250kg.

HEIFERS: John Beattie £950/500kg, £925/500kg, 885/510kg, £875/500kg, £850/500kg, £820/510kg, £800/480kg, £800/470kg, James Donaldson £910/440kg, £800/400kg, D Scott £900/420kg, £890/400kg, £870/400kg, F Hall £860/380kg, £850/360kg, A Moore £630/360kg, £430/280kg, W Hamilton £550/260kg, John Griffith £545/250kg, £520/260kg.

Fat lambs sold up to £84 on Tuesday followed by an excellent store lamb and fat ewe trade.

FAT LAMBS: S Monaghan £84/30kg, Reid Clarke £83/26kg, 7kg, Martin Doherty £83/28kg, Robert Rutledge £81/24kg, £81/24kg, Kenneth Johnston £80.80/25kg, £80.20/26kg, Tracey Gareth £74.80/23kg, James Mark £78/23kg, John McKinley £78/24kg.

STORE LAMBS: Martin Doherty £70, Reginald Hamilton £67.50, M Doherty £68, R Olphert £67.50, £59.50, David Smyth £65, Norman McFarland £60.

FAT EWES: B Magee £100, Martin Doherty £87, Richard Blair £81, £56,Clice Dillon £80, £78, John Halcrow £76, C Mullan £76, £75, £72.