Bullocks sell to £1170 at Draperstown

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There was an excellent entry of stock on Friday at Draperstown. Bullocks sold to £1170/460 (254ppk), Heifers £1430/640kg (223 ppk).

BULLOCKS: Fergus Ferguson £1605/830kg, £1485/740kg, £1445/740kg, £1430/730kg, John Convery £1420/740kg, Michael Mccrory £1395/710kg, Gary Arthur £1395/720kg, £1375/700kg, £1255/660kg, M Coyle £1345/610kg, John Convery £1395/780kg, £1320/750kg, Brian Faulkner £1300/620kg, M Coyle £1255/540kg, Brian McCord £1225/680kg, Edmund Ferguson £1195/570kg, £1190/570kg, £1180/580kg, James Chivers £1170/470kg, £1165/480kg, £1140/470kg, Thomas Rosborough £1170/560kg, John Cranston £1170/460kg, £1160/500kg,£1120/460kg, £1120/500kg, Brian Faulkner £1140/580kg, Edmund Ferguson £1135/580kg, Michael McCrory £1125/610kg.

HEIFERS: M Coyle £1430/640kg, £1395/660kg, £1370/680kg, £1330/650kg, £1320/640kg, £1290/630kg, £1275/600kg, £1240/610kg, £1150/570kg, William Moore £1155/580kg, £1040/490kg, £1010/460kg, £995/480kg, H McCollum £1030/470kg, £960/520kg, John Rodgers £1020/550kg, G Bradley £930/460kg, M Bradley £915/450kg, Eric Shannon £900/440kg, Anthony McElduff £885/440kg, Thomas & Dermot Lavery £865/390kg, £845/400kg, Damien McElduff £855/440kg, Eric Dallas £830/450kg, £825/450kg, Eric Dallas £825/470kg,£775/420kg G Bradely £815/390kg, William Moore £800/380kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Daniel Convery £840/450kg, £805/470kg, Thomas Workman £760/370kg, S Moore £700/380kg, £690/380kg, £595/340kg, £590/350kg,

SUCKLER COWS: Mervyn Murphy £1490, £1120, Robert Hessin £1295, £1100, William Johnston £1080, £1080.

FAT COWS: D Wright £1274/700kg, D McKay £1230/750kg, £1144.80/720kg, £1131.50/730kg, Hugh McNicholl £1100.80/640kg, S Lynch £1100.50/710kg, £992.80/680kg, Keith McMullin £1020/600kg, John McGuinness978.20/730kg, Hugh McNicholl £951.20/580kg, Bernard Ward £924/600kg, John McCorry £919.80/630kg, Jonathon McKinley £908.60/590kg, S & A Conway £902.80/610kg, D McKay £888/600kg, Gary Speers £884/650kg, Jonathon McKinley £877.50/650kg, I & R Derby £873.20/740kg, Sean Mullan £858/650kg, Robert McConnell £856.80/680kg, S & A Conway £828/600kg, M Coyle £810/600kg, Bernard Ward £785.40/660kg.