Bullocks sell to £1245 at Lisahally

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There was another large entry of stock at Lisahally on Wednesday. Bullocks sold to £1245/640KG with Heifers making £1115/540kg.

Matthew Blair £1245/640kg, £1200/640kg, J Cunningham £1230/590kg, £115/570kg, N Blair £1220/650kg, £1145/600kg, £1135/560kg, £1040/510kg, Aidan McLaughlin £1175/610kg, £1040/490kg, £955/500kg, £950/460kg, David Spence £1100/530kg, £1025/470kg, M & J McKinley £1060/580kg, Thomas Conway £1020/440kg, £975/430kg, £970/400kg, John Dodds £980/580kg, £945/600kg, Norman Thompson £945/510kg, N Blair £940/450kg, £910/480kg, Joseph Cunningham £930/600kg, Thomas Conway £920/410kg, £905/400kg, £875/460kg, David Spence £895/450kg, Adam Dunlop £890/370kg, £870/350kg, Nornam Thompson £875/460kg, £860/390kg, Aidan McLaughlin £860/410kg. Adam Dunlop £855/370kg

HEIFERS: Joseph Cunningham £1115/540kg, £1050/570KG, £1050/570KG, N Blair £1045/560kg, £1000/490kg, £985/480kg, Joseph Cunningham £1000/510KG, £1000/530KG, William Moore £995/490kg, £925/500kg, £900/460kg, £885/430kg, £875/450kg, £865/460kg, £855/430kg, £810/440kg, £780/430kg, M & J McKinley £955/540kg, J & M Flanagan £950/470kg, £950/480kg, £910/480kg, £880/440kg, Thomas Conway £885/480kg, £845/420kg, £755/410kg, D Spence £930/490kg, M & J McKinley £850/490kg, Scott Dunlop £740/360kg.

Meanwhile, there was great demand on Fat Lambs selling to £130/29kg, Store Lambs to £100, Fat Ewes to £130 and Ewes and Lambs to £158.

FAT LAMBS: Stephen McCay £130/29kg, Robert Lowry £127.50/28kg,£123.50/27kg, Michael McShane £26.50/25kg, D Kelly £126/24kg, S McCay £123/23kg, John Ramsey £122/26kg, R Lowry £120/26kg, D Moore £119.50, £118.50/21kg, Patrick McKeever £116.50/25kg, John Connolly £115.50/23g, D Lynch £115.50/23kg, John Ramsay £114/23kg, Edward Conn £111.50/25kg, Malcolm McSparron £109/24kg, C Connelly £104/22kg, V McClelland £100/19kg.

STORE LAMBS: V McClelland £100, John Ramsay £84, Stephen McCay £83.50, D Walker £80, M Rosborough £80.

FAT EWE: Ian McSparron £130, Peter McCloskey £125, Robert Black £118, W Moore £117, S Kelly £111, £110, G Christie £110, Brian Johnston £99, W Moore £97, John Grant £96, William Orr £91, John Halcrow £91, Robert Black £85.

EWES & LAMBS: Stephen McCay £158, Norman McFarland £145, Michael McElhinney £137, £134, £132, £126, £124, John Grant £130, £122.