Bullocks sell to £1340 for 630kg at Draperstown

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Strong prices throughout the sale on Friday at Draperstown.

Bullocks £1340/630kg, heifers £1025/530kg and fat cows £1209/620kg.

BULLOCKS: Gary Arthur £1340/630kg, £1340/710kg, £1335/660kg, 31300/710KG, £1270/680kg, John Connolly £1330/650kg, £1300/650kg, £1265/580kg, £1260/660kg, £1250/660kg, £1245/620kg, £1230/630kg, £1220/620kg, £1210/610kg, £1200/630kg, £1200/620kg, £1190/600kg, £1190/600kg, £1125/580kg, Seamus Loughran £1280/570kg, £1140/580kg,£955/430kg, William Keatley £1180/610kg, £1110/520kg, £1030/580kg, £1020/510kg, £1010/520kg, £1005/540kg, £970/510kg, £965/480kg, Michael Loughran £1145/560kg, Tom McKenna £1090/480kg, £1045/470kg, R Connolly £980/470kg, William Keatley £945/520kg, £900/520kg, Tom McKenna £890/470kg.

HEIFERS: Henry Riddle £1025/530kg, Brian O’Neill £970/450kg, £905/490kg, £890/510kg, £890/460kg, £875/410kg, £870/390kg, £825/430kg, £800/440kg, £790/380kg, Seamus Loughran £950/460kg, Dermot Nugent £935/490kg, £900/540kg, £860/450kg, £840/520kg, Oliver O’Neill £845/450kg, £815/390kg, £785/420kg, £780/430kg, £770/420kg, £760/440kg.

FAT COWS: Michael McGlade £1209/620kg, Tom McKenna £995/550kg, £900/600kg, C Moore 3870/580kg, D Farrell £844.90/710kg, S Bradley £838.20/660kg, Michael McKenna £787.50/450kg, Kevin Connolly £768.20/460kg, S Bradley £715/550kg.