Bullocks sell to £885 for 370kg at Pomeroy Mart

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

An excellent entry of stock sold to a packed ringside.

Bullocks sold to £885/370kg and heifers sold £835/420kg.


Oliver Kerr £885/370kg, Francis Corrigan £875/420kg, Austin O'Kane £850/370kg, George Mitchell £845/370kg, £820/400kg, £800/340kg, Austin O'Kane £810/360kg, Noel McVeigh £780/3780kg, Francis Corrigan £760/400kg, Trevor Blair £740/370kg, P and P McPhilips £740/300kg, 715/340kg, £700/310kg, £600/270kg, Oliver Kerr £720/300kg, Noel McVeigh £700/360kg, £670/300kg and Francis Corrigan £640/350kg.


Paul Murphy £835/420kg, 3800/390kg, Trevor Blair £830/400kg, Austin O'Kane £825/370kg, £790/390kg, John Cpstello £820/390kg, £750/380kg, George Mitchell £785/440kg, £750/420kg, Oliver Kerr £745/360kg, £740/370kg,Austin O'Kane £715/350kg, £600/280kg, P and P McPhilips £640/330kg, £575/270kg, Trevor Blair £600/330kg and George Mitchell £595/360kg.