Bullocks sell to £900 for 520kg at Pomeroy Mart

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A smaller show this week at Pomeroy Mart sold to a packed ringside.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: F and P Brown £900/520kg, £850/480kg, £840/440kg, £830/460kg, Peter and Malachy Devlin £860/340kg, Dominic Hamill £830/390kg, Brendan Haughey £830/320kg, £830/410kg, £810/390kg, D and I Murphy £830/350kg, W and P Brown £805/470kg, Eric Robinson £800/380kg, £780/400kg, Edward Ferry £800/330kg, £790/320kg, £790/320kg, £780/330kg, Dominic Hamill £780/300kg, Margaret McVeigh £780/380kg.

HEIFERS: Dominic Hamill £870/300kg, Brendan Haughey £710/340kg, £700/360kg, Austin Conway £710/370kg, £630/370kg, £600/330kg, John O’Neill £650/240kg, Michael Meenagh £590/300kg, £570/300kg, Austin Conway £570/350kg, Margaret McVeigh £520/230kg, John O’Neill £520/220kg, £450/240kg.