Bullocks sell to £920 for 390kg at Pomeroy Mart

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There was another excellent entry with a full yard of cattle on Thursday at Gortin Mart.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ian Brownlee £920/390kg, Raymond and Laura McAteer £720/390kg, £580/340kg, £580/290kg, £565/280kg, £470/230kg, £370/180kg, Brian Hamill £690/330kg, Thomas McKeagney £670/310kg, £640/280kg, Patrick O’Neill £545/240kg, Coln Davidson £490/230kg, William Ballantine £470/240kg, £445/260kg.

HEIFERS: Peter Toner £1115, B Farrell £1110, £985/540kg, Brian Ward £1100, Michael McCullagh £930/580kg, £900/510kg, £875/570kg, O O’Neill £890/390kg, £860/450kg, £845/360kg, Ian Brownlee £870/380kg, Jim Harkness £860,Michael Ellison £780/400kg, £780/410kg, Joseph McNamee £770/340kg, £770/350kg, £755/350kg, Peter Toner £765/340kg, Thomas McKeagney £755/370kg, Michael Ellison £750/410kg, Brian O’Neill £750/340kg, £725/340kg, Oliver O’Neill £745/340kg, £735/380kg, Ian Brownlee £730/360kg, £680/340kg, £645/350kg, Peter Toner £695/330kg, Dominic and John McCullagh £675/260kg, Kevin Talbot £670/310kg, £640/300kg, Alan Davidson £660/370kg.