Bullocks sell to £960 for 420kg at Pomeroy Mart

editorial image

An excellent show of stock sold to a packed ringside.

Prices as follows:


Francis Nugent £960/420kg, Patrick McCreesh £960/470kg, £920/520kg, James Anderson £930/400kg, Stanley McFarland £900/500kg, Seamus Loughran £885/340kg, Francis Nugent £845/430kg, £840/360kg, C J McNamee £840/360kg, Alan Roulston £840/400kg, £810/380kg, £765/370kg, £760/340kg, William and Raymond Boyd £810/370kg, Eugene Hughes £775/330kg, Alan Boyd £775/400kg, Michael Haughey £760/380kg, William and Raymond £755/300kg, £755/330kg, Alan Boyd £750/330kg, Michael Haughey £750/390kg, James Anderson £750/360kg, Pearse and Matthew Rafferty £735/290kg, McGurk Brothers £735/330kg, Patrick Donnelly £730/290kg and William and Raymond Boyd £730/320kg.


Francis Nugent £860/380kg, B Quinn £825/370kg, £800/450kg, Francis Nugent £810/420kg, £795/390kg, £780/380kg, Eugene Hughes £765/360kg, £760/320kg, £750/350kg, £705/340kg, £700/360kg, Sinead McCallan £720/330kg, Alan Roulston £700/350kg, £695/360kg, Patrick McCallan £690/280kg, McGurk Brothers £670/340kg, James Anderson £645/380kg and Patrick Donnelly £640/270kg, £600/250kg.