Bullocks sell to £990 for 460kg at Pomeroy

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An excellent sale throughout at Pomeroy Mart. Cattle sold to a packed ringside. More stock needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: Patrick McCreesh £990/460kg, £920/470kg, £865/480kg, M McGurk £970/440kg, £900/480kg, Gorthill Farms £885/370kg, B Taggart £870/430kg, Francis Corrigan £855/340kg, £750/400kg, Patrick Hagan £770/430kg, Noel Woods £750/290kg, Kieran Harvey £725/290kg, Patrick McCreesh £720/450kg, C Ward £705/250kg, Gerard Lagan £700/290kg, Martin Corrigan £655/80kg, Kieran Harvey £635/270kg, Francis Corrigan £610/290kg, £610/300kg.

HEIFERS: Robert Elliott £1270/790kg, £1070, £1020, £1000, £910, £900, Christopher Rafferty £1000, £980, £960, Simon Martin £900/410kg, Thomas Donnelly £885/450kg, L Donnelly £880/400kg, Robert Elliott £865, Patrick and Gerard Campbell £855/530kg, Simon Martin £825/390kg, Edward Ferry £805/410kg, £800/420kg, A McKenna £800/360kg, Thomas Donnelly £770/370kg, £740/330kg, £735/440kg, £725/410kg, £725/410kg, £645/340kg, £590/290kg.