Bullocks sell to up to £1,325 at Lisahally Mart

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At Lisahally Mart there was another great entry of stock with bullocks sold to up to £1,325, heifers sold to £1,080, suckler cows sold to £1,300 and fat cows sold to £1,410.50 for 650kg.

BULLOCKS: Daniel Wade £1,325/650kg, £1,305/650kg, £1,275/640kg,£1,200/590kg, £1,200/610kg, £1,185/560kg, £1,140/550kg, Wilbert McNeill £1,050/530kg, £975/480kg, £950/500kg, £865/460kg, £850/450kg, William Harkin £900/540kg, £850/520kg, £850/520kg, £800/500kg, John McHugh 825/420kg, £825/440kg, £755/360kg, Robert Thompson £600/220kg, £525/240kg, Robert Maxwell £540/370kg, £470/340kg.

HEIFERS: Jason Hasson £1,080/470kg, £960/440kg, £810/380kg, £780/390kg, Harold Nutt £1005/500kg, £800/400kg, £800/400kg, £800/390kg, £800/400kg, £760/410kg, John McHugh £875/460kg, D C Young £860/450kg, James Hasson £750/420kg, £740/350kg, £720/390kg, S Miller £750/380kg, £740/370kg, £735/360kg John McHugh £730/430kg, J Duffy £640/360kg, £615/360kg, £570/300kg, £530/320kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Robert Scott £1,300, £1,210, £1,100 and £1,095.

FAT COWS: Owen McDevitt £1,410.50/650kg, £1,210.40/680kg, John Hyndman £999.60/680kg, Robert Hyndman £924.60/690kg, W Lyons £850.50/630kg, £778.40/560kg, Owen McDevitt £843.60/570kg, £75.70/590kg.