Bullocks sells to £1,180 for 530kg at Pomeroy Mart

Pomeroy Mart
Pomeroy Mart

Cattle sold to a packed ringside on Thursday (January 25).

Prices as follows:


Thomas Donnelly £1,180/530kg, Michael Kerr £1,070/470kg, Desmond and Ita Murphy £1,060/520kg, Michael Kerr £965/490kg, £845/370kg, £805/360kg, £750/330kg, D Magee £665/370kg, D and I Murphy £650/330kg, £590/270kg, Kieran Harvey £640/280kg, Martin Corrigan £600/290kg, Francis Corrigan £600/310kg, Michael Kerr £575/260kg, £510/300kg, £500/310kg, £490/240kg.


Francis McKee £1,035/500kg, £1025/490kg, Brian Rafferty £935/420kg, £905/410kg, Francis McKee £875/430kg, Peter Toner £850/305kg, £830, Kevin Donnelly £820/480kg, Thomas Donnelly £800/440kg, £740/440kg,£705/360kg, Brian Rafferty £705/370kg, Gorthill Farms £700/330kg, £700/330kg, £695/310kg, £690/350kg, Kevin Donnelly £695/380kg, Michael Kerr £685/350kg, £670/310kg, Francis Corrigan £670/300kg, Thomas Donnelly £680/380kg, £670/360kg.