Bullocks sells to £1150 for 446kg at Enniskillen Mart

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A superb entry of 1100 Fermanagh and Tyrone bred cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen.

In the bullock ring lightweight bullocks sold from 210 to 246p for a Lim 342kg at 840.

Medium weights sold from 200 to 258p for a Ch 446kg at 1150.

Heavy lots sold from 190 to 221ppk for a Lim 564kg at 1245 and selling up to 1345 per head.

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer Ch 446kg at 1150, Ch 426kg at 1030, Ch 436kg at 1020, Lisbellaw producer Lim 342kg at 840, Lim 402kg at 950, Roscor producer Ch 432kg at 1025, Macken producer Lim 358kg at 850, Rosslea producer Ch 344kg at 810, Kesh producer Lim 506kg at 1120, Lim 564kg at 1245, Derrylin producer Ch 520kg at 1135, Dungannon producer Ch 524kg at 1140, Lisnaskea producer Lim 538kg at 1165.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1250 paid for a 430kg Ch while heifers ranged from £520 to £885 for a 382kg Lim.

Ruling prices: Kesh producer 320kg Lim hfr at 820, 326kg Lim steer at 740, 313 kg Lim hfr at 690, Enniskillen producer 338kg Ch bull at 860, 309kg Ch bull at 795, 306kg Ch bull at 790, 301kg Lim bull at 720, Kesh producer 430kg Ch steer at 1250, 377kg Ch steer at 1205, 415kg Ch steer at 1180, 415kg Ch steer at 980, Lisnaskea producer 303kg Lim steer at 740, 295kg Lim hfr at 600, 291kg Ch at 690, 309kg Lim steer at 740, Belcoo producer 305kg Ch hfr at 725, 279kg Ch hfr at 645, 309kg Ch steer at 850, 308kg Ch hfr at 700, Belleek producer 201kg Ch hfr at 495, 336kg Ch hfr at 760, 312kg Ch steer at 810, 355kg Ch hfr at 815, Springfield producer 305kg Ch steer at 945, 404kg Ch steer at 1200, 328kg Ch steer at 845, 371kg Ch steer at 905, Derrygonnelly producer 337kg Ch hfr at 770, 406kg Ch hfr at 865, 250kg Ch bull at 690, 330kg Ch bull at 839, 291kg Ch bull at 790, Kesh producer 382kg Lim hfr at 885, 347kg Ch bull at 920, 332kg Ch hfr at 825, 303kg Ch bull at 820.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Belcoo producer Lim bull at 455, Letterbreen producer Ch bull at 445, Omagh producer Lim bull at 475, Strabane producer BB hfr at 400, Lisbellaw producer AA hfr at 365, Derrygonelly producer at 390.

CALVES: Kinawley producer BB bull at 310, Springfeild producer Ch hfr at 285, Drumcose producer Sim bull at 285, Fr bull at 135, Lisbellaw producer Sim bull at 260, Sim hfr at 255, Derrylin producer Here bull at 255, Trillick producer Here hfr at 260, Kinawley producer Fr bull at 175, Tempo producer Fr bull at 90.

SUCKLER COWS: Ballinamallard producer springing Ch hfr at 1360, springing Sim hfr at 1340, springing Lim hfr at 1300, springing Sim at 1270, Boho producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1330, Irvinestown producer Here cow with bull calf at 1300, Kesh producer AA cow with bull calf at 1270, BB cow with bull calf at 1110, Ballinamallard producer springing Lim hfr at 1150.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 217ppk paid for a 555kg Ch at 1205 and top price of £1345. Medium weights sold from 190-227ppk for a 500kg Ch at 1135. While lightweights sold from 192-232ppk for a 325kg Ch at 755.

Enniskillen producer 660kg Ch at 1345, 600kg Ch at 1285, 590kg Ch at 1220, Lisbellaw producer 625kg Ch at 1300, 620kg Ch at 1255, 570kg Ch at 1200, Newtownbutler producer 555kg Ch at 1205, 545kg Ch at 1145, Ballinamallard producer 580kg Lim at 1175, 560kg Lim at 1145, 560kg Lim at 1150, Belleek producer 530kg Ch at 1105, Kesh producer 430kg Ch at 1000, 530kg Ch at 1090, Lisnaskea producer 560kg Ch at 1150, 540kg Ch at 1135, Derrylin producer 540kg Ch at 1130, 480kg Ch at 1000.

Fat cows: Forward lots sold to 180ppk paid for a 656kg Ch at 1180 and to a top of £1370.

Medium weights sold from 100-207ppk paid for a 498kg Lim at 1035.

Friesian cows sold from 85-113ppk paid for a 770kg at 875.

Trillick producer Ch 1060kg at 1370, Boho producer Ch 656kg at 1180, Tempo producer Ch 850kg at 1170, Lisbellaw producer Ch 750kg at 1085, Florencecourt producer Ch 638kg at 1000, Derrygonnelly producer Ch 666kg Ch at 1090, Belcoo producer Ch 700kg, CH at 1070.