Bullocks top £1350 for 690kg, heifers top £1300 for 600kg at Draperstown

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Top prices on Friday at Draperston. Cattle remain an excellent trade as they sold to great demand.

Bullocks £1350/690kg, heifers £1300/600kg, weanlings up to £895 and another thriving trade for fat cows as they make up to £1372.40/730kg.

BULLOCKS: John McCormack £1350/690kg, £1240/630kg, Felix McElhone £1335/640kg, £1235//630kg, Meredith Gibson £1300/670kg, Dessie Rafferty £1280/640kg, Peter Quinn £1240/600kg, Dominic Nugent £1200/600kg, £1195/640kg, Meredith Gibson £1190/620kg, Seamus McCrory £1175/590kg, John McCormack £1175/590kg, £1170/600kg, £1120/570kg, £1100/560kg, £1060/540kg, Martin Gallagher £1150/550kg, £1120/560kg, Peter Quinn £1145/530kg, Peter McElhone £1145/520kg, Dominic Nugent £1145/630kg, £1095/550kg, Meredith Gibson £1115/620kg, £1050/620kg, Michael McGlade £1095/490kg, Seamus McCrory £1045/510kg, £1040/490kg, £1035/520kg, £1020/510kg, £1010/500kg, £1000/520kg, Peter Murray £1040/460kg, John McCormack £1035/510kg.

HEIFERS: Peter Quinn £1300/600kg, £1250/590kg, £1235/580kg, £1130/590kg, £1110/530kg, £1110/530kg, £1090/520kg, P Stewart £1290/560kg, Michael McCrory £1175/570kg, S Gormley £1155/580kg, £1140/540kg, Seamus McCrory £1145/620kg, James Hogg £1130/540kg, Michael McGlade £1125/580kg, Dominic Nugent £1115/590kg, £1085/570kg, Alan Hogg £1105/500kg, £1100/530kg, £1060/530kg, £1000/470kg, Peter Quinn £107/490kg, Seamus McCrory 31035/610kg, £1000/570kg, £995/540kg, £995/590kg, £990/550kg, S Gormley £1005/20kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Andrew Fleming £895/400kg, John Cavanagh £860/30kg, Michael Quinn £850/380kg, £830/410kg, £805/350kg, £800/360kg, £790/350kg, £785/330kg, Gerard Crossan £800/400kg, £765/370kg, John Cavanagh £780/320kg, £780/380kg, £750/350kg, £745/370kg, £720/340kg, Andrew Fleming £750/330kg, £720/350kg, Michael Quinn £700/310kg, Donald Forsythe £700/290kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Jude Martin £895/430kg, £775/430kg, £745/370kg, £720/360kg, £720/380kg, £710/370kg, Gerard Crosson £695/320g, £690/290kg, Adrian Hamilton £685/290kg, £670/240kg, Mark McLoughlin £645/310kg, £590/280kg,£580/250kg, Cormac McEldowney £580/250kg.

FAT COWS: Joseph Dickson £1372.40/730kg, P Stewart £1352/800kg, Karl Mullan £1293.20/610kg,£1185/790kg, Adrian Hamilton £1202.40/720kg, Hugh McGuinness £1080/750kg, R J Molloy £1065.30/670kg, Bracken Hill Farm £1061.40/580kg, James Hogg £1052.10/630kg, Osmond Bell £1044/720kg, R J Molloy £1036.80/720kg, Alan Hogg £1021.20/690kg, E Biggar £1014.70/730kg, John McLaughlin £994/700kg, Robert Ferguson £991.60/740kg, Joseph Heagney £988/520kg, Joseph Dickson £988/760kg, F and S Conway £985.60/770kg, Robert Ferguson £978.20/730kg, Karl Mullan £965.60/680kg, £963.60/730kg, John McLaughlin £947.20/740kg, J and A McCormack £945/750kg, Donald Forsythe £929.50/650kg, Hugh McGuinness £917.90/670kg, Bracken Hill Farms £915/750kg, John McLaughlin £914.50/590kg.