Camlough: Fat cows sell to £1050 for a 620kg Charolais cow

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There was great demand for all classes of cattle in Camlough this week.

Fat cows sold to £1050 for a 620kg Charolais cow, £169.40 per 100kg, heifers sold to £228.90 per 100kg for a 485kg Charolais at £1110.

Top steer price was £1265 for 600kg Aberdeen Angus, £210.80 per 100kg.

Light weanlings sold to £650 for 230kg, £283 per 100kg.

There was a good range of Friesian bred cattle on offer with the top prices of £955 for 540kg, £176.90 per 100kg and £765 for 505kg, £151.50 per 100kg.

Other prices as follows:

HEIFERS: 485kg, 228.90/100k, £1110, 450kg, 222.20/100k, £1000, 460kg, 219.60/100k, £1010, 475kg, 216.80/100k, £1030, 510kg, 213.70/100k, £1090, 545kg, 212.80/100k, £1160, 490kg, 212.20/100k, £1040, 415kg, 212.00/100k, £880, 485kg, 211.30/100k, £1025, 475kg, 210.50/100k, £1000.

STEERS: 380kg, 211.80/100k, £805, 600kg, 210.80/100k, £1265, 475kg, 210.50/100k, £1000, 500kg, 208.00/100k, £1040, 525kg, 207.60/100k, £1090, 620kg, 205.60/100k, £1275, 405kg, 203.70/100k, £825, 640kg, 200.80/100k, £1285.

Next sale on Wednesday 15th February commencing at 12 noon.