Champion Limousin bullock sells for £1050 at Hilltown Mart

Annual Limousin suckler sale: Tuesday at Hilltown Mart saw a tremendous trade for all stock on sale.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 1:19 pm
Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Show was judged by father and daughter combination Keith and Jade Tumilty.

Prize winners as follows:

Champion and first in the bullock class presented by Mr Frank Reid, Ballynahinch fetched £1050 for 480kg (218ppk).

Second place in the Bullock Class presented by Aaron Fearon Rostrevor fetched £1050 for 480kg (218ppk).

Third place in the bullock class presented by A Callaghan, Kilkeel fetched £1020 for 446kg (228ppk).

Reserve champion and first in the heifer class presented by Mr Martin McShane, Hilltown fetched £900 for 344kg (261ppk).

Second place in the heifer class presented by Gareth Murphy, Kilkeel fetched £1000 for 394kg (253ppk).

Third place in the heifer class presented by Niall Magee, Rostrevor.

Heifers: Attical farmer, £880 for 428kg (205ppk), £855 for 340kg (248ppk), £810 for 446kg (181ppk), £795 for 360kg (220ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £860 for 372kg (231ppk). Rostrevor farmers, £855 for 414kg (207ppk), £840 for 394kg (213ppk), £775 for 332kg (233ppk), £715 for 346kg (206ppk), £700 for 350kg (200ppk). Crossgar farmer, £845 for 340kg (248ppk). Hilltown farmer, £830 for 290kg (286ppk). Ballynahinch farmer, £830 for 370kg (224ppk). Annalong farmer, £810 for 304kg (266ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £800 for 366kg (218ppk), £760 for 430kg (176ppk), £755 for 322kg (240ppk), £730 for 326kg (223ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £725 for 380kg (190ppk).

Bullocks: Mayobridge farmer, £1080 for 584kg (184ppk), £1000 for 492kg (203ppk), £990 for 468kg (211ppk), £900 for 372kg (241ppk). Rostrevor farmers, £1030 for 470kg (219ppk), £960 for 484kg (198ppk), £935 for 468kg (199ppk), £930 for 472kg (197ppk). Attical farmer, £965 for 456kg (211ppk), £905 for 396kg (228ppk). Hilltown farmers, £945 for 442kg (213ppk), £920 for 384kg (239ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £940 for 440kg (213ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £920 for 400kg (230ppk), £880 for 402kg (218ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £890 for 376kg (236ppk).

Thursday at Hilltown Mart.

Fat lambs: Hilltown farmers, £72 for 26kg (276ppk), £70.50 for 24kg (290ppk), £70 for 24kg (290ppk), £63.50 for 23kg (276ppk). Newcastle farmer, £71 for 33kg (215ppk). Dromara farmer, £69 for 23.5kg (293ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £68 for 22.5kg (302ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £67.50 for23kg (293ppk). Kilcoo farmers, £66 for 23.5kg (278ppk), £65.50 for 23kg (284ppk), £64 for 23.5kg (272ppk), £62.50 for 20kg (301ppk).

Store lambs: Rathfriland farmer, £62 for 18.5kg (329ppk). Newcastle farmer, £61.50 got 18kg (325ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £61.50 for 17.5kg (344ppk), £60 for 18kg (326ppk), £59.50 for 17.5kg (334ppk), £58.50for 17kg (340ppk).

Fat ewes: Downpatrick farmer, £75.50. Rathfriland farmer, £70. Mayobridge farmer, £70. Hilltown farmer, £69. Rathfriland farmer, £68, £67. Cabra farmer, £67.50.

Breeding sheep: Ewe hoggets - Castlewellan farmer, £90 (twice).

Ram - Hilltown farmer, £175.

Fat ewes to £90.

Saturday at Hilltown Mart fat lambs fetched £73, store lambs fetched £61.50, fat ewes fetched £90 and breeding rams fetched £235.

Fat lambs: Dromara farmer, £73 for 26.5kg (275ppk), £72.50for 24kg (302ppk). Downpatrick farmers, £72 for 25kg (288ppk), £68 for 22.5kg (302ppk). Hilltown farmers, £71 for 27kg (263ppk), £63 for 21.5kg (293ppk). Ballyward farmer, £68 for 24.5kg (277ppk). Castlewellan farmers, £67.50 for 22kg (306ppk), £64 for 20kg (320ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £65 for 21.5kg (302ppk), £62 for 22kg (275ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £63.50 for 21.5kg (295ppk).

Store lambs: Banbridge farmer, £61.50 for 15.5kg (396ppk), £58 for 17kg (341ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £60 for 17.5kg (342ppk). Cabra farmer, £59.50 for 17.5kg (340ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £56 for 16kg (350ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £55 for 18kg (305ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £55 for 17kg (314ppk).

Fat ewes: Kilcoo farmer, £90. Downpatrick farmer, £85, £78.50. Castlewellan farmer, £77, £75. Ardarragh farmer, £76. Rathfriland farmer, £76.

Breeding rams: Cabra farmer, £235. Kilkeel farmer, £200. Hilltown farmer, £190.