Champion Limousin heifer sells for £980 at Plumbridge Mart

Another good turn out of quality calves which met a strong demand, especially in the females.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 12:12 pm
Plumbridge Mart
Plumbridge Mart

The annual show of 2019 born calf kindly sponsored by Homeland Omagh was won by a 325kg Limousin heifer owned by Raymond McNamee which sold for £980.

Males: R McNamee 475kgs-£880, 360kgs-£790, 415kgs-£780, 445kgs-£780, P Casey 525kgs-£980, 425kgs-£790, R Keys 415kgs-£690, 425kgs-£570, K Kelly 470kgs-£920, 450kgs-£790, D Mullan 360kgs-£810, 435kgs-£810, 320kgs-£720, 330kgs-£630, M Mossey 410kgs-£880, 445kgs-£820, 435kgs-£820, J Clarke 460kgs-£860, 400kgs-£700

M McKenna 470kgs-£840, 440kgs-£780, 405kgs-£740, D Reaney 435kgs-£810, 305kgs-£800, 355kgs-£740, 325kgs-£700, 275kgs-£700, 270kgs-£670, 250kgs-£650, 265kgs-£600, E Devine 430kgs-£800, 380kgs-£730, 380kgs-£720, 310kgs-£670 330kgs-£670, A Britton, 420kgs-£790, J F Devine 370kgs-£790, 280kgs-£700, T Reaney 320kgs-£790, 385kgs-£790, 290kgs-£730, 285kgs-£720, 315kgs-£710, 305kgs-£640, K Smyth 425kgs-£790, 435kgs-£790, F McGillion 330kgs-£780, 260kgs-£700, 315kgs-£690, M McKeown 360kgs-£760, P O’Brien 315kgs-£750, 325kgs-£750, 275kgs-£740, 275kgs-£730, 265kgs-£680, 240kgs-£670, 225kgs-£650, 205kgs-£570, J J McAleer 285kgs-£740, 320kgs-£720, D Patterson 275kgs-£620, 355kgs-£700, V McGill 355kgs-£710, 235kgs-£540, B Kerlin 275kgs-£680, L Finlay 305kgs-£690, 275kgs-£640, 340kgs-£590, K Buchanan 240kgs-£620, 250kgs-£600, 235kgs-£570, 275kgs-£590 and S Conway 290kgs-£530.

Females: R McNamee 405kgs-£1020, 325kgs-£980, 345kgs-£750, P Casey 380kgs-£730

R Keys 375kgs-£950, 290kgs-£810, 355kgs-£790, 345kgs-£790, 340kgs-£760, A Patterson 445kgs-£940, 430kgs-£900, 270kgs-£780, 285kgs-£770, 235kgs-£680, 260kgs-£670, 265kgs-£660, 245kgs-£610, D Mullan 400kgs-£910, M Mossey 350kgs-£790, J Clarke 430kgs-£870, 365kgs-£780, 355kgs-£770, D Reaney 275kgs-£750, J F Devine 285kgs-£690, 280kgs-£660, 230kgs-£600, T Reaney 300kgs-£790, K Smyth 285kgs-£690, J Britton 375kgs-£740, J J McAleer 290kgs-£720, 300kgs-£700, 225kgs-£580, D Patterson 340kgs-£730 and B Kerlin 265kgs-£700.