Charolais bullock sells for £930 at Downpatrick Mart

The second seasonal sale for autumn suckled calves was held on the night of Friday, September 27 at Downpatrick Mart.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 10:38 am
Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

On the night calves sold to a top price of £2.66p per kg for a Charolais bullock at 274kg with other calves to a top price per head of £930 for Charolais bullock at 446kg.

Leading prices as follows:


Clough farmer 446kg Charolais £930 (2.09ppk), Loughinisland farmer 400kg Limousin £880 (2.20ppk), Downpatrick farmer 544kg Charolais £880 (1.59ppk), Loughinisland farmer 342kg Charolais £865 (2.53ppk) Ballydonnell farmer 390kg Charolais £865 (2.22ppk), Clough farmer 424kg Charolais £860 (2.03ppk), Erinagh farmer 438kg Limousin £860 (1.97ppk), Downpatrick farmer 440kg Charolais £860 (1.95ppk), Loughinisland farmer 380kg Charolais £850 (2.24ppk), Erinagh farmer 416kg Limousin £845 (2.03ppk), Loughinisland farmer 354kg Charolis £835 (2.36ppk) and 386kg Limousin £835 (2.16ppk), Portaferry farmer 416kg Belgian Blue £835 (2.00ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 392kg Limousin £830 (2.12ppk), Erinagh farmer 416kg Limousin £830 (2.00ppk), Downpatrick farmer 420kg Charolais £830 (1.98ppk), Downpatrick farmer 452kg Charolais £830 (1.84ppk) and 402kg Limousin £835 (2.06ppk) and 462kg Limousin £835 (1.80ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 346kg Charolais £820 (2.37ppk), Portaferry farmer 380kg Limousin £820 (2.16ppk), Clough farmer 386kg Charolais £820 (2.12ppk), Loughinisland farmer 394kg Charolais £820 (2.08ppk), Portaferry farmer 410kg Simmental £810 (1.98ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 340kg Charolais £800 (2.36ppk)and 354kg Charolais £800 (2.26ppk) and 364kg Charolais £800 (2.20ppk) and Portaferry farmer 141kg Simmental £800 (1.93ppk).


Portaferry farmer 416kg Limousin £800 (1.92ppk), Castlewellan farmer 344kg Limousin £790 (2.30ppk),Clough farmer 354kg Charolais £785 (2.22ppk), Clough farmer 344kg Limousin £770 (2.24ppk), Erinagh farmer 430kg Limousin £730 (1.70ppk), Saintfield farmer 428kg Charolais £710 (1.66ppk), Portaferry farmer 354kg Limousin £700 (1.98ppk)and 322kg Limousin £690 (2.15ppk), Clough farmer 334kg Charolais £690 (2.06ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 288kg Charolais £665 (2.31ppk), Seaforde farmer 314kg Charolais £665 (2.12ppk), Portaferry farmer 296kg Limousin £660 (2.30ppk), Loughinisland farmer 306kg Limousin £650 (2.12ppk), Downpatrick farmer 258kg Limousin £645 (2.50ppk), Ballylucas farmer 276kg Limousin £645 (2.34ppk)and 294kg Limousin £645 (2.20ppk), Seaforde farmer 288kg Charolais £630 (2.19ppk), Castlewellan farmer 294kg Limousin £630 (2.14ppk) and Portaferry farmer 262kg Shorthorn £620 (2.37ppk).

At the sheep sale on Saturday, September 28 there was steady trade of good quality lambs.

Fat lambs sold to £75.00.

Fat ewes sold to £77.00 and light weight lambs sold to £3.30ppk.


Ballyculter farmer 25kg £75.00, Annacloy farmer 25kg £74.50, Downpatrick farmer 26kg £72.00, Killyleagh farmer 27kg £71.00, Castlescreen farmer 24kg £71.00, Kilclief farmer 27kg £70.50, Clough farmer 23kg £70.00, Ardglass farmer 37kg £70.00, Bright farmer 26kg £69.50, Strangford farmer 25kg £69.50, Dromara farmer 24kg £68.00, Ballygowan farmer 24kg £68.00, Killyleagh farmer 24g £68.00, Strangford farmer 23kg £66.00, Killinchy farmer 25kg £66.00 and 23 £65.00, Strangford farmer 23kg £65.00 and Castlewellan farmer 23kg £65.


Clough farmer £77.00, Ballyculter farmer £70.00, Annacloy farmer £68.00, Castlewellan farmer £65.00, Castlescreen farmer £63.00, Castlewellan farmer £62.00, Annacloy farmer £62.00, Clough farmer £60.00, Castlewellan farmer £57.00 and Annacloy farmer £46.00 and £30.

At night sale of cattle on Monday, September 30, 2019, there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category bullocks peaked at £2.11ppk for a 526kg Aberdeen Angus £1110 with heifers at £1.71ppk for a 500kg Aberdeen Angus.

Light weight stores sold to £2.09ppk. Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus

Ballygallum farmer 722kg Charolais £1330 (1.84ppk) and 614kg Limousin £1200 (1.95ppk) and 672kg Charolais £1150 (1.71ppk) and 660kg Charolais £1150 (1.74kg) , Ardglass farmer 672kg Limousin £1150 (1.83ppk) and 626kg Limousin £1075 (1.71ppk), Loughinisland farmer 622kg Charolais £1065 (1.71ppk) and 568kg Charolais £1065 (1.82ppk), Castlewellan farmer 506kg Charolais £975 (1.93ppk), Clough farmer 506kg Charolais £970 (1.92ppk), Ballyward farmer 500kg Aberdeen Angus £970 (1.94ppk), Castlewellan farmer 568kg Charolais £965 (1.70ppk), Ballynainch farmer 566kg Stabiliser £950 (1.68ppk), Clough farmer 506kg Charolais £945 (1.87ppk), Dundrum farmer 558kg Simmental £945 (1.70ppk), Downpatrick farmer 540kg Charolais £920 (1.70ppk), Clough farmer 570kg Limousin £910 (1.60ppk) Benburb farmer 560kg Aberdeen Angus £900 (1.61ppk), Clough farmer 500kg Charolais £900 (1.80ppk),Ballynahinch farmer 576kg Stabiliser £890 (1.55ppk) and Loughinisland farmer 560kg Limousin £880 (1.58ppk).

Bullocks 200-499kg

Saintfield farmer 378kg Limousin £790 (2.09ppk), Clough farmer 428kg Charolais £885 (2.06ppk) and 444kg Charolais £910 (2.05ppk), Seaforde farmer 360kg Charolais £730 (2.03ppk) and 426kg Charolais £830 (1.95ppk), Clough farmer 460kg Charolais £895 (1.95ppk), Seaforde farmer 432kg Charolais £835 (1.93ppk) and 362kg Charolais £695 (1.92ppk), Castlewellan farmer 462kg Charolais £840 (1.82ppk) and 478kg Saler £840 (1.76ppk), Clough farmer 364kg Charolais £635 (1.75ppk), Seaforde farmer 490kg Charolais £825 (1.68ppk), Barnamaghery farmer 490kg Hereford £810 (1.65ppk) and Benburb farmer 488kg Aberdeen Angus £805 (1.65ppk).

Heifers-500kg plus

Saintfield farmer 530kg Limousin £890 (1.67ppk), Dromara farmer 500kg Aberdeen Angus £855 (1.71ppk), Crossgar farmer 534g Aberdeen Angus £845 (1.58pp), Barnamghery farmer 576kg Hereford £770 (1.33ppk), Dundrum farmer 506kg Charolais £705 (1.39ppk), Kilkeel farmer 510kg Hereford £700 (1.37ppk) and Newtownards farmer 618kg Charolais £850 (1.37ppk).

Heifers 200-499kg:

Clough farmer 368kg Charolais £735 (2.00ppk) and 406kg Charolais £805 (1.98ppk), Downpatrick farmer 480kg Charolais £810 (1.69ppk), Clough farmer 406kg Charolais £745 (1.84ppk), Newtownards farmer 454kg Limousin £770 (1.66ppk),Clough farmer 420kg Charolais £730 (1.74ppk), Newtownards farmer 380kg Limousin £670, (1.76ppk), Dundrum farmer 430kg Charolais £725 (1.69ppk), Newtownards farmer 412kg Limousin £645 (1.57ppk) and Dundrum farmer 420kg Charolais £655 (1.56ppk).