Charolais sells for £1,355 at Markethill Mart

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 160 cull cows in Markethill on Tuesday, October 23rd included several pens of quality cows which sold from £172 to £190 per 100k for 686k Fleckvieh at £1,175 from a Richhill producer, followed by £169 per 100k for 804k Charolais at £1,355 from a Keady producer.

Other continental bred cows sold from £135 to £160 per 100k.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold from £110 to £135 per 100k for 722k at £975 from a Middletown producer.

Second quality Friesians from £85 to £110 per 100k and the poorest types from £60 to £85 per 100k.

Cull cows

Richhill producer 686k, £1,175, 171p/k; Keady producer 804k, £1,355, 168p/k; Armagh producer 870k, £1,395, 160p/k; Middletown producer 718k, £1,125, 157p/k; Armagh producer 794k, £1,175, 148p/k; Mowhan producer 422k, £605, 143p/k and Nutts Corner producer 738k, £1,025, 139p/k.

Friesian cull cows

Middletown producer 722k, £975, 135p/k; Annaghmore producer 802k, £905, 112p/k; Keady producer 650k, £725, 111p/k; Keady producer 740k, £825, 111p/k; Portadown producer 666k, £725, 109p/k and Kilkeel producer 752k, £815, 208p/k.


180 calves sold in an excellent trade.

Good quality baull calves from £280 to £540 for a Limousin.

Good quality heifer calves sold from £210 to £460.

Bull calves

Limousin £540; Aberdeen Angus £540; Belgian Blue £520; Simmental £500; Limousin £480; Aberdeen Angus £470 and Belgian Blue £470.

Heifer calves

Aberdeen Angus £460; Belgian Blue £400; Hereford £370; Simmental £370: Aberdeen Angus £340; Belgian Blue £320; Belgian Blue £310 and Aberdeen Angus £290.