Charollais ram sells for £310 at Markethill Mart

A smaller entry of sheep at Markethill on Wednesday, October 9 returned an improved trade for all weights of lambs.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 11:57 am
Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

Store lamb trade was significantly firmer.

Good quality heavy lambs sold from 285p to 304p per kilo paid for 24 kilos at £73 each followed by 303p for 24.1 kilos at £73 each.

All heavy lambs sold from £70 to £75 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold from 305p to 319p per kilo for 20.2 kilos at £64.50 each from a Dungannon farmer followed by 20.8 kilos at £66 each from a Keady producer.

A large entry of stores sold in a noticeably firmer trade with the prices increased by £4 to £5 per head on the week.

Light stores sold to 421p per kilo for 14.5 kilos at £61 each from a Dromara farmer followed by 401p for 16.2 kilos at £65 each from a Warrenpoint producer.

Stronger stores to 377p per kilo for 17.5 kilos at £66 each from a Warrenpoint farmer and a Ballynahinch farmer sold 18.9 kilos at £69.50 each 368p per kilo.

A small entry of cull ewes sold from £65 to £88 each with plainer ewes from £40 to £50 each.

Breeding hoggets sold in a quieter demand.

Several pens of ewe hoggets sold from £130 to £150 each with others from £90 to £115 each.

Rams sold to £310 for a Charollais ram followed by £260 for a Texel ram.


Tynan farmer: 24k, £73, 304p; Tynan seller: 24.1k, £73, 303p; Dungannon producer: 24.8k, £74, 299p; Tandragee seller: 25.7k, £75.50, 294p; Armagh producer: 25.6k, £73.50, 287p and Killylea farmer: 25.1k, £72, 287p.


Dungannon farmer: 20.2k, £64.50, 319p; Keady seller: 20.8k, £66, 317p; Dromara producer: 21.6k, £68.50, 317p; Portadown seller: 21.6k, £67.50, 313p; Portadown farmer: 22.1k, £69, 312p and Mullabawn farmer: 23.2k, £72, 310p.


Armagh producer: 10.5k, £56, 533p; Warrenpoint seller: 14.5k, £61, 421p; Dromara farmer: 16.2k, £66.50, 411p; Warrenpoint seller: 16.2k, £65, 401p; Richhill farmer: 16.2k, £63, 389p; Warrenpoint seller: 17.5k, £66, 377p; Dromara producer: 18.8k, £69.50, 368p; Poyntzpass farmer: 18.4k, £67.50, 367p and Richhill farmer: 18k, £66, 367p.