Cows and calves sell to £1,745 at Rathfriland C0-Op

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A tremendous entry of cattle on Friday with 174 dropped calves selling to £465 for an outstanding Charolais bull from Cullyhanna.

Fleckvieh bulls sold to £390 from Donaghcloney. Hereford bulls to £375 from Drinn, Dromara. Belgian Blue heifers sold to £360 for a Dromara farmer. 100 weanlings sold in an exceptional good trade. £1,010 was paid for 444k Charolais bull from Moira. 414k Simmental at £940 from the same farm. A Clough farmer sold a 278k Charolais at £680 and a Sheeptown farmer sold a 262k at £665.

Suckler stock sold to £1745 for an Aberdeen Angus cow with a bull calf at foot from Ouley and to £1,400 for an Armagh farmer.

A big entry of fat cows sold to £830 for a 734k lot from Kilkeel.

Bullocks cleared up to £995 for a 488k Aberdeen Angus from Kilkeel.

More bullocks sold at over the £2.00 per kilo this week.


Cullyhanna farmer: £465 for Charolais bull. Donaghcloney farmer: Fleckvieh bulls £390, £300, £250. Drinn farmer: Hereford bulls £375, £370 and £325 and an Aberdeen Angus bulls at £330. Dromara farmer: Belgian Blue bull £365. Newry farmer: Simmental bulls £340 and £270. Rathfriland farmer: Hereford bull £330. Gilford farmer: pen of Aberdeen Angus, £325, £300, £290 and £275. Mayobridge farmer: Charolais bull £300. Castlevennon farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £290 and £280. Dromara farmer: £360 for blues. Saintfield farmer: pen of Friesian sturks, £265 for each of four and £170 for each of three.


Moira farmer: 2 Charolais males, 444k at £1,010, 414k at £940. Attical farmer: 406k at £870 and 334k at £750. Castlewellan farmer: 494k at £850, 412k at £770. Ballykinlar farmer: 344k at £745, 304k at £690. Downpatrick farmer: 8 Charolais male and females, 288k at £745, 304k at £735, 330k at £700. Clough farmer: 7 Charolais females, 278k at £680, 280k at £680, 282k at £625, 240k at £580. Shinn farmer: 336k at £750, 324k at £670, 279k at £625 twice. Sheeptown farmer: 264k at £655, 234k at £570. Friesian weanlings sold to just short of £2.00 per kilo.


Suckler stock sold to £1,745 for an Aberdeen Angus cow with a bull calf at foot from Ouley. An Armagh farmer reached £1,400 for a Limousin cow with a Shorthorn calf with a second lot at £1100 for a Blue cow with a Shorthorn calf.

Fat cows were mainly Holsteins. A 734k Charolais from Kilkeel at £830. Legananny farmer: 716k at £800. Warrenpoint farmer: 584k at £720. Attical farmer: 600k at £700. Shanrod farmer: 444k at £570, 710k at £500, 634k at £470, 580k at £450. Rathfriland farmer: 384k at £450.


Glenloughlin farmer: 488k at £998, 482k at £995, 512k at £975. Dromara farmer: pen of Aberdeen Angus, 448k at £915, 430k at £905, 418k at £855, 444k at £850, 448k at £850. Backaderry farmer: 530k at £985, 524k at £975, 444k at £875, 474k at £905, 442k at £805, 466k at £790, 356k at £670.

Tuesday evenings sale contained more ewes with lambs at foot.

These sold in a terrific trade.

A local farmer reached £212 and a Downpatrick farmer £205 for two lambs at foot.

Ewes with single lambs sold to £170.

A smaller entry of hoggets cleared up to £100 for 9 weighing 30k from Scarva. A Kilkeel farmer reached £99 for 26.9k.

Ballynanny farmer: 26.6k at £98. Tullyglush farmer: 25.4k at £98. Castlewellan farmer: 25.4k at £98. Hilltown farmer: 25.7k at £97. Clare farmer: 25.9k at £96. Cabragh farmer: 24.7k at £95.


Tullyglush farmer: £107. Ballybrick farmer: £100. Mayobridge farmer: £100. Shinn farmer: 4 lots £96, £90, £86 and £84. Corbet farmer: £81. Ardarragh farmer: £80. Ballyward farmer: £80. Chestnut Farms £80. Kilkeel farmer: £80. Leitrim farmer: £80.