Cows and calves sell to £1060 at Lisnaskea

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A good entry of cattle on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales for the first of the new year sold to a brisk demand.

This week cows and calves to £1060 for S/Horn with S/Horn Heifer Calf Weanling Steers & Bulls to £1000 for a 450kg Ch. (£222) with smaller sorts to £690 for a 250kg Ch. (£276) and £810 for a 300kg Lim. (£270) Store Heifers sold to £920 for a 500kg Ch. (£184) Weanling Heifers sold to £830 for a 380kg Lim. with smaller sorts to £605 for a 240kg Ch. (£252)

Leading prices as follows:

STORE HEIFERS: Newtownbutler Producer 500kg Ch. to £920 (£184) and 500kg Ch. to £900 (£180). Newtownbutler Producer 520kg Ch. to £845. Knockaraven Producer 410kg Sim. to £815, 370kg Lim. to £720, and 380kg Sim. to £605.

COWS & CALVES: Derrylin Producer S/Horn Cow with S/Horn Heifer Calf to £1060 and AA. Heifer with AA Heifer Calf to £1000.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Newtownbutler Producer 450kg Ch. to £1000 (£222). Lisbellaw Producer 430kg S/H. to £825. Derrygonnelly Producer 340kg Ch. to £810 and 300kg Lim. to £810 (£270). Magheraveely Producer 340kg Lim. to £805, 400kg Lim. to £780, 320kg Lim. to £740, and 330kg Lim. to £670. Lisbellaw Producer 390kg Ch. to £800. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg Ch. to £800, 300kg Ch. to £735, 250kg Ch. to £690 (£276) and 280kg Ch. to £680. Newtownbutler Producer 350kg AA. to £790 (£226) and 240kg Ch. to £530. Newtownbutler Producer 380kg Lim. to £785, 390kg Lim. to £780, 430kg Lim. to £760, 360kg Lim. to £690, and 350kg Lim. to £690. Fivemiletown Producer 340kg Ch. to £760, 350kg Sim. to £740, 320kg Sim. to £595, and 310kg S/H. to £595. Lisnaskea Producer 350kg Limm to £760 twice, 380kg Lim. to £750, 330kg AA. to £700, 270kg Lim. to £615, and 310kg AA. to £590. Lisnaskea Producer 350kg Sim. to £725. Lisnaskea Producer 330kg AA. to £715, and 330kg AA. to £635. Magheraveely Producer 300kg AAs to £615 twice.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Magheraveely Producer 380kg Lim. to £830, 290kg Lim. to £550 and 240kg Lim. to £370. Lisbellaw Producer 370kg Ch. to £770 and 390kg Ch. to £745. Derrylin Producer 320kg Ch. to £745 and 340kg S/H. to £595. Newtownbutler Producer 370kg Lim. to £700, 330kg Lim. to £640, and 300kg Lim. to £635. Lisnaskea Producer 310kg Limms to £640 twice. Fivemiletown Producer 240kg Ch. to £605 (£252).

More stock required to supply a growing demand.