Dairy cows to 2,320gns at Rathfriland Co-Op

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60 head of dairy stock at Monday’s dairy sale sold in a terrific trade.

The Matfield pedigree Holstein herd sold 15 freshly calved heifers and cows to 2,320gns and 2,120gns.

A Strangford farmer sold non-pedigree Fleckvieh calved cows and heifers to £1,250.

Springing heifers from this herd sold to £1,200.

Maiden heifer from a Co Armagh sold to £870 follow by £820 and £800.

247 head on Friday (December 7th) with the plainer lots increased by around £50 per head.

Holstein bullocks easily cleared up to £1,035 per head and over 150p/k.

A bigger entry of store heifers cleared up to £1,045 for an Artana producer.

A Kilkeel farmer reached 222.6p/k for store heifers.

60 weanlings cleared up to £770 for females and £760 for males.

A top per kilo of 276p/k was paid for a 234k Limousin at £645 from Ballyward.

Dropped calves sold to £475 for a Limousin heifer from Rathfriland.

Belgian Blue bulls to £320 from a Ballykeel farm and Montbeliarde heifers to £400 from Cullyhanna.


Rathfriland farmer: Limousin heifers, £475, £275 and £270. Ballykeel farmer: Belgian Blue bull £320. Cullyhanna farmer: Montbeliarde heifer £400. Drumdreenagh farmer: Fleckvieh bulls £270, £240, etc. Lisburn farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £255, Aberdeen Angus heifer £300. Dromara farmer: £250. Ballyroney farmer: Limousin heifer £290. Dromore farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £240 and £235.


Moyadd farmer: 306k at £740 or 242p/k, 276k at £700 or 254p/k, 264k at £690 or 261p/k, 268k at £680 or 254p/k, 264k at £655 or 248p/k. Ballyward farmer: 234k at £645 or 276p/k, 198k at £525 or 265 and 256k at £605 or 236p/k. Keady farmer: 342k at £760 and 430k at £770. Kilkeel farmer: 430k at £720. Killaney farmer: 344k at £710, 320k at £620. Newry farmer: 280k at £530.


Artana farmer: OTM Limousin, 576k at £1045. Carnew farmer: 546k at £990, 460k at £900, 580k at £900, 540k at £885, 544k at £885. Kilkeel farmer: 324k at £685, 338k at £640, 274k at £610, 426k at £740. Newry farmer: 240k at £500, 280k at £530. Newry farmer: 354k at £700, 358k at £700, 312k at £605.


Ballyward farmer: 590k at £1,130, 558k at £1,060, 596k at £1,020, 544k at £995, 544k at £990, 572k at £930. Warringstown farmer: 558k at £990. Katesbridge farmer: 438k at £835, 440k at £775, 374k at £885.

Over 20 Friesian bullocks sold to £1035 for 690k, 740k at £1,000 and 650k at £970 etc.

Over 1000 lambs on Tuesday (December 11th) evening sold to £94 for heavy lambs from Dromore.

Fat ewes sold to £93 and springing ewes sold to £112.


Dromore farmer: 32k at £94. Drumarkin farmer: 33k at £93. Katesbridge farmer: 30k at £93. Grallagh farmer: 27.5k at £91.50. Ballynamagna farmer: 27.4k at £91.50. Ballynanny farmer: 26.7k at £91. Tandragee farmer: 32k at £91. Ballynamagna farmer: 26.9k at £91. Croskeys farmer: 50 lambs, 26k at £90.50. Dromara farmer: 19.2k at £79 and 19.5k at £79.50. Tandragee farmer: 13.7k at £55.50. Annalong farmer: 30.5k at £82.50.


Kilcoo farmer: £93. Hilltown farmer: £90. Corbet farmer: £84. Hilltown farmer: £80. Benraw farmer: £79. Annaclone farmer: £77. Katesbridge and Drumlough farmers: £72 each.

Springing ewes sold from £100 to £112 per head.

Special entry – Tuesday, December 18th 2018 of 20 Texel crossed Charollais ewes due to lamb from 01-01-19 onwards to pedigree Hampshire Down ram.