Dairy heifers sell to 2,180gns at Rathfriland Co-Op

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A superb trade for freshly calved heifers at the monthly dairy sale.

The Matfield pedigree herd reached 2,180gns for a freshly calved heifer on 41L.

Other lots at 2,000gns and 1,900gns. This pen of nine freshly calved and cows averaged 1,905gns. The Aughnahoory pedigree herd reached 1,800gns.

Other pedigree heifers sold to 1,500gns.


Cattle prices increased on Friday with some great store heifers in the entry.

These sold to a top of £1,355 for a 650k Charolais from Legananny.

Heavy heifers sold from £1,050 for a Backaderry farmer and to £1,140 for a Downpatrick farmer.

Fat cows cleared up to £1,020 from Backaderry.

Bullocks sold to £1,190 for a Ballyroney farmer, £1,130 for an Aughlishnafin farmer, £1,100 for a Kilkeel farmer.

Holstein bullocks sold to £1,090 for a Ballyroney farmer.

Weanling calves cleared up to 264p/k for a 246k Limousin at £650 from Hillsborough. A Hilltown farmer sold a 370k Blue at £820.

A Ballyward farmer sold 14 Limousins to 246p/k for 246k at £650 to average 220p/k.

Friesian sturks sold at over £2.00 per kilo, the highest for weeks.

Dropped calves sold to £460 for a springing heifer from Shinn.

A Blue bull from the same farm sold at £430 and an Aberdeen Angus bull at £410.


Shinn farmer: Bulls, £430, £410, £400, heifers £460. Lurgancahorne farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull, £375, Aberdeen Angus heifers £330, £320 and £300 for Banbridge. Seafin farmer: Limousin bull £370. Newry farmer: Simmental bull, £340. Dromara farmer: £335 and £320. Kilkeel farmer: £315. Aughnaskeagh farmer: Hereford heifer £320.


Hilltown farmer: 370k Blue at £820, 314k Limousin at £705, 370k Limousin heifer at £685. Ballykinlar farmer: 376k at £810, 312k at £700. Annaclone farmer: 356k at £760. Hillsborough farmer: 324k at £720, 280k at £700, 310k at £665. Slievenaboley farmer: 292k at £655, 264k at £650, 296k at £640, 262k at £620, 260k at £550, 270k at £550, 288k at £690, 296k at £685, 294k at £690, 300k at £670 etc. Friesian weanlings were the dearest for weeks e.g., 228k at £470 twice.


Legananny farmer: 650k at £1,355. Downpatrick farmer: 650k at £1,140, 650k at £1130, 580k at £1,000. Backaderry farmer: 570k at £1,050, 600k at £1,000, 534k at £975. Banbridge farmer: 540k at £900, 534k at £786. Corbet farmer: 450k at £875, 414k at £720. Ballymartin farmer: 404k at £810.


Ballyveaghbeg farmer: 556k at £1,070, 594k at £1,100 and 528k at £1,010. Aughlisnafin farmer: 602k at £1,130, 554k at £1,050, 498k at £955. Banbridge farmer: 452k at £875, 554k at £1,070. Ballyroney farmer: Pen of Montbeliarde and Holsteins, 636k at £1,090, 660k at £1,075, 680k at £1,040, 736k at £1,190, 660k at £1,005.


A top of £1,020 for a 606k Limousin from Backaderry. Holstein cows from £450 to £580 etc.


A similar entry of sheep to the previous week on Tuesday evening with hoggets and fat ewes a similar trade.

Hoggets sold to £106 on four occasions from Ballyroney, Banbridge, Katesbridge and Kilkeel farms. Cascum farmer: 27k at £105. Warrenpoint farmer: 25.9k at £105. Dromara farmer: 30k at £105. Sheepbridge farmer: 26.2k at £103. Hilltown farmer: 18.5k at £87 and 17k at £73.50. Portaferry farmer: 20.4k at £91.50. Drumgooland farmer: 21.4k at £94. Downpatrick farmer: 18k at £79. Bryansford farmer: 17k at £73.50.


Downpatrick farmer: £100. Ballinaskeagh farmer: £95. Newry farmer: £94. Rathfriland farmer: £91. Tandragee farmer: £90. Newcastle farmer: £89. Blackscull farmer: £88. Fedney farmer: £88.