Demand for sheep remains high at Raphoe Mart

Raphoe Mart
Raphoe Mart

Sheep sale Monday 19th March 2018: Demand for all sheep remained high with a good trade for all sheep.

Hoggets sold at:

€85 to €100 for 33-38kgs;

€100 to €115 for 38-45kgs;

€115 to €125 for 45-48kgs;

€125 to €135 for 48-52kgs;

€135 to €151.50 for 52-55kgs.

Ewes with 1 lamb sold from €150 to €198.

Ewes with 2 lambs sold from €220 to €268.

Spring lambs sold at:

€156 for 45kgs;

€165 for 48kgs;

€179 for 53kgs.

Fat ewes sold from €70 to €144.

Cattle sale Thursday 22nd March 2018: Top class bulls over 600 kgs - €945 to €1,055 over.

Beef bullocks - €600 to €805 over.

Store bullocks - €400 to €825 over.

Beef heifers - €560 to €950 over.

Store heifers - €350 to €805 over.

Dry cows - €715 to €1565 each.

A good entry of cattle with a sharp trade for all stock at Raphoe Mart on Thursday.

Buyers around the ring were very anxious to purchase stock.

Plainer types - Friesian, Aberdeen Angus and Herford also selling to a well improved trade.

Bullocks sold from €2.20/kg to €2.85/kg.

Bulls sold from €2.10/kg to €3.05/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.20/kg to €2.80/kg.

Fat cows sold from €715/head to €1,565/head.

Easter lamb sale: The Easter lamb sale will be held on Monday 26th March 2018 in conjunction with the usual Monday sheep sale.

Sale starts at 11am.

Upcoming sales

Weanling night sale on Tuesday 27th March 2018.

Intake from 4pm and sale at 7pm.

Please note: There will be no sheep sale on Easter Monday, 2nd April 2018.

Regular sales

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.