Downpatrick Mart: Bullock sells to £1,070 at first suckler calf sale

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At the first Friday night suckler calf sale of 2017 at Downpatrick Mart on September 22nd there was an good entry of quality sucklers.

A Barnamaghery farmer presented a Limousin calf at 294kg made £805(2.74ppk) and Ballyward farmer presented a Limousin heifer at 274kg, £700 (2.55ppk).

Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballynoe farmer 476kg Charolais, £1,070 (2.25ppk), Leitrim farmer 414kg Charolais, £900 (2.17ppk), Ardglass farmer 372kg Charolais, £890 (2.39ppk), Ardglass farmer 420kg Limousin, £880 (2.10ppk), Barnamaghery farmer 344kg Charolais, £875 (2.54ppk), Ballylucas farmer 362kg Limousin (2.33ppk) and 320kg Limousin, £845 (2.64ppk) and 316kg Limousin, £840 (2.66ppk), Bonecastle farmer 404kg Aberdeen Angus, £830 (2.05ppk), Ardglass farmer 390kg Charolais, £825 (2.12ppk), Barnamaghery farmer 334kg Limousin, £815 (2.44ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 322kg Aberdeen Angus, £805 (2.50ppk), Barnamaghery farmer 294kg Limousin, £805 (2.74ppk), Ballylucas farmer 360kg Limousin, £800 (2.22ppk), Barnamaghery farmer 370kg Limousin, £795 (2.15ppk) and 326kg Limousin, £785 (2.41ppk), Ballylucas farmer 334kg Limousin, £770 (2.31ppk), Crossgar farmer 300kg Limousin, £770 (2.57ppk), Saintfield farmer 326kg Limousin, £770 (2.36ppk), Dromara farmer 326kg Aberdeen Angus, £770 (2.36ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 320kg Limousin, £765 (2.39ppk) and Ballyward farmer 290kg Aberdeen Angus, £765 (2.65ppk)

HEIFERS: Ballyward farmer 274kg Limousin, £700 (2.55ppk) Ballylucas farmer 308kg Limousin, £690 (2.24ppk), Portaferry farmer 324kg Limousin, £625 (1.93ppk), Dromara farmer 300kg Aberdeen Angus, £590 (1.97ppk), Ballyward farmer 250kg Limousin, £575 (2.30ppk), Castlewellan farmer 238kg Limousin £570 (2.40ppk) and 312kg Blonde D’Aquitaine £550 (1.76ppk), Saintfield farmer 294kg Aberdeen Angus, £530 (1.80ppk) Ballyhornan farmer 258kg Limousin £525 (2.03ppk) and Loughinisland farmer 318kg Aberdeen Angus, £510 (1.60ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 23rd September, lambs sold to £90 and fat ewes to £84. Lighter weight lambs sold to £3.34ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Woodgrange farmer 33kg, £90, Newry farmer 26kg, £83.20, Crossgar farmer 26kg, £81.00, Dromara farmer 27kg, £79.50, Downpatrick farmer 25kg, £79.50, Ballygowan farmer 24kg, £77.50, Ballygowan farmer 26kg, £77.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg, £77.00, Castlescreen farmer 23kg, £76.00, Ballynahinch farmer 25kg, £75.50, Crossgar farmer 23kg, £75.00, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg, £72.20, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg, £71.50, Clough farmer 21kg, £70.00, Castlewellan farmer 21kg, £65.00, Ballykilbeg farmer 20kg, £65.00, Saintfield farmer 21kg, £65.00, Annacloy farmer 20kg, £64.00, Killinchy farmer 21kg, £60.00, Ballynoe farmer 18kg, £60.00.

FAT EWES: Castlewellan farmer £84 and £79, Ardglass farmer £65.00 and Annalong farmer £60.

At the Monday night cattle sale on September 25th, 2017 there was a very good entry of quality store bullocks that sold to £1,260 and also a Charolais bullock from a Downpatrick farmer made to £2.25ppk with light weight Charolais heifers making to £1.57ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Crossgar farmer 676kg Charolais, £1,260 (1.87ppk), Ballylucas farmer 634kg Charolais, £1,165 (1.84ppk) and 596kg Limousin, £1,150, (1.93kg), Ballygallum farmer 510kg Charolais, £1,150 (2.25ppk) and 524kg Charolais, £1,120 (2.14ppk) and 524kg Charolais £1,120 (2.14ppk), Ballynoe farmer 570kg Charolais, £1,110 (1.95ppk), Ballygallum farmer 560kg Limousin, £1,105 (1.97ppk) and 500kg, £1,100 (2.20ppk) and 528kg Charolais, £1,065 (2.02ppk) and 488kg Charolais, £1,045 (2.14ppk) and 506kg Limousin, £1,030 2.04ppk) and 486kg Charolais, £1,025 (2.11ppk), Strangford farmer 518kg Charolais, £1,000 (1.93ppk), Ballygallum farmer 492kg Charolais, £1,000 (2.03ppk), Downpatrick farmer 554kg Charolais, £1,000 (1.81ppk) and 560kg Charolais, £990 (2.13ppk), Downpatrick farmer 468 Limousin, £990 (2.12ppk) and Crossgar farmer 548kg Simmental, £980 (1.79ppk), Ardglass farmer 444kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £980 (2.21ppk), Ardglass farmer 516kg Charolais, £960 (1.86ppk) and Ballyhornan farmer 466kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £950 (2.04ppk) and 426kg Charolais, £945 (2.22ppk) and 558kg Charolais, £940 (1.68 ppk).

Heifers: Ardglass farmer 536kg Charolais, £915 (1.72ppk) and 536kg Charolais, £875 (1.63ppk), Legamaddy farmer 566kg Charolais, £840 (1.48ppk) Crossgar farmer 494kg Belgian Blue £780 (1.58ppk), Woodgrange farmer 454kg Aberdeen Angus, £775 (1.71ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 416kg Charolais, £740 (1.78ppk), Ardglass farmer 486kg Charolais, £725 (1.49ppk) and 406kg Charolais, £700 (1.72ppk) and 442kg Charolais, £600 (1.36ppk).