Downpatrick Mart: Calves sell to a top price of £940

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The second seasonal sale of suckled calves which was held on the night of Friday, September 28th had an increased entry of excellent stock resulting in some outstanding prices.

On the night calves sold to a top price of £2.87p per kg for a Limousin bullock at 298kg with other calves to a top price per head of £940.00 for Limousin bullock at 414kg.

Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballyward farmer 298kg Limousin £855 (2.87ppk), Teconnaght farmer 264kg Charolais £745 (2.82ppk), Newcastle farmer 262kg Limousin £725 (2.77ppk), Ballyward farmer 322kg Limousin £885 (2.75ppk), Crossgar farmer 236kg Limousin £635 (2.69ppk), Downpatrick farmer 320kg Charolais £860 (2.69ppk), Crossgar farmer 260kg Limousin £860 (2.69ppk), 240kg Limousin £630 (2.63ppk), Bright farmer 264kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £690 (2.61ppk), Bonecastle farmer 302kg Charolais £780 (2.58ppk), Newcastle farmer 338kg Limousin £870 (2.57ppk) Downpatrick farmer 308kg Charolais £790 (2.57ppk), Clough farmer 276kg Limousin £705 (2.55ppk), 290kg Limousin £740 (2.55ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 230kg Limousin £580 (2.54ppk), Newcastle farmer 276kg Limousin £700 (2.54ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 316kg Charolais £800 (2.53ppk), Bonecastle farmer 310kg Charolais £785 (2.53ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 318kg Limousin £805 (2.53ppk), Drumaness farmer 330kg Limousin £830 (2.52ppk), Clough farmer 258kg Limousin £645 (2.50ppk), Tobercorran farmer 356kg Charolais £640 (2.50ppk), Castlewellan 292kg Limousin £730 (2.50ppk), Downpatrick farmer 362kg Simmental £900 (2.49ppk), Bonecastle farmer 322kg Charolais £795 (2.47ppk), Newcastle farmer 284kg Limousin £700 (2.47ppk), Tobercorran farmer 358kg Charolais £880 (2.46ppk), Downpatrick farmer 232kg Limousin £570 (2.46ppk), Castlewellan farmer 356kg Charolais £870 (2.44ppk), Downpatrick farmer 324kg Charolais £790 (2.44ppk), Vianstown farmer 354kg £860 (2.43ppk), Downpatrick farmer 372kg Simmental £900 (2.42ppk), Newcastle farmer 338kg Limousin £815 (2.41ppk), Tobercorran farmer 386kg Charolais £915 (2.41ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 266kg £640 (2.41ppk), Crossgar farmer 308kg Limousin £735 (2.39ppk), Bonecastle farmer 306kg Charolais £730 (2.39ppk), 370kg Simmental £880 (2.38ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 274kg Limousin £650 (2.37ppk), Downpatrick farmer 380kg Simmental £900 (2.37ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 262kg Limousin £620 (2.37ppk).

HEIFERS: Castlewellan farmer 296kg Limousin £840 (2.84ppk), Newcastle farmer 260kg Limousin £655 (2.52ppk), Portaferry farmer 242kg Charolais £590 (2.44ppk), Newcastle farmer 306kg Limousin £745 (2.44ppk), Clough farmer 274kg Limousin £650 (2.37ppk), 294kg Limousin £695 (2.36ppk), Saintfield farmer 332kg Limousin £775 (2.33ppk), Kilcoo farmer 266kg Charolais £620 (2.33ppk), Raholp farmer 274kg Limousin £630 (2.30ppk), Bonecastle farmer 276kg Charolais £630 (2.28ppk), Downpatrick farmer 318kg Simmental £725 (2.28ppk), Crossgar farmer 308kg Limousin £700 (2.27ppk), Downpatrick farmer 204kg Limousin £460 (2.26ppk), Downpatrick farmer 258kg Limousin £580 (2.25ppk), Castlewellan farmer 342kg Limousin £750 (2.19ppk), Ballylucas farmer 290kg Limousin £635 (2.19ppk), Drumaness farmer 294kg Limousin £635 (2.16ppk), Downpatrick farmer 360kg Simmental £775 (2.15ppk), Ardglass farmer 298kg Charolais £640 (2.15ppk), Downpatrick farmer 326kg Simmental £700 (2.15ppk) and Drumanass farmer 276kg Limousin £590 (2.14ppk).

At the sheep sale on Saturday, September 29th trade was steady from the previous sale, Fat lambs sold to £83.50, fat ewes to £85.00 and light weight lambs to £3.65ppk.

FAT LAMBS: Downpatrick farmer 28kg, £83.50, Downpatrick farmer 15kg, £83.00, Castlewellan farmer 27kg, £83.00, Carrowdore farmer 26kg, £82.00, Newcastle farmer 25kg, £82.00, Killinchy farmer 24kg, £82.00, Ballydonety farmer 24kg, £82.00, Ballyincraig farmer 24kg, £82.00, Newry farmer 24kg, £81.50, Drumnaquoile farmer 24kg, £81.00, Raholp farmer 24kg, £81.00, Downpatrick farmer 24kg, £80.00, Crossgar farmer 24kg, £80.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg, £80.00, Crossgar farmer 23kg, £79.50, Clough farmer 24kg, £79.00, Ballyalton farmer 24kg, £78.50, Downpatrick farmer 24kg, £78.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg, £77.00, Newcastle farmer 23kg, £75.50, £75.00, Downpatrick farmers £73.00, Crossgar farmer 22kg, £71.00, Newcastle, Castlewellan and Lisburn farmers £70.50 and £70.00.

FAT EWES: Annacloy farmer £85.00, Downpatrick farmers £85, Kilkeel farmer £82, Downpatrick farmers £80, £79, £77 and £74, Castlewellan farmer £74 and £70, Ballykinlar farmer £69, £67 and £62, Kilkeel farmer £61, Downpatrick farmer £60 and Castlewellan and Lisburn farmers £58.