Draperstown Mart: Prices high, bullocks sell to £1370

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Prices remained on a high on last Friday at Draperstown Mart.

Bullocks reached £1370 for 640kg, heifers £1130 for 610kg, weanlings up to £960 and fat cows £1267.20 for 640kg.

An Omagh seller, Peter O’Neill averages 237ppk on 15 weanlings.

More weanlings needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: James McCallan £1370/640kg, £1320/630kg, £1300/640kg, £1220/600kg, C McBride £1355/650kg, Seamus McDonnell £1340/670kg, £1260/660kg, £1220/550kg, £1215/650kg, £1190/630kg, £1190/590kg, £1175/590kg, £1175/560kg, £1165/640kg, £1160/610kg, Cochrane Boyle £1340/700kg, £1270/610kg, William Kealey £1330/680kg, £1310/610kg, £1300/620KG, £1220/560kg, £1185/610kg, £1100/530kg, £1095/520kg, £1075/520kg, £1000/480kg, Stephen McAuley £1100/600kg, £1035/540kg, £1015/510kg, Laurance McKenna £1090/510kg, Cochrane Boyle £1075/550kg, Christopher O’Hagan £1035/640kg, Shane Burke £1000/480kg, £970/460kg, £960/530kg, £955/470kg, Myrtle Johnston £1000/450kg, £1000/620kg, Laurance McKenna £990/530kg, £985/460kg, Henry McBride £965/520kg, Stephen McAuley £960/500kg, £945/500kg, Edward Ferry £920/490kg.

HEIFERS: Philip McKnight £1130/610kg, William Kealey £1120/520kg, W Galway £1090/570kg, £1070/540kg, Seamus McCrory £990/500kg, £965/490kg, £960/500kg, Conor McWilliams £950/430kg, £945/430kg, £905/430kg, £885/430kg, Thomas Hegarty £920/490kg, £885/420kg,£860/400kg, Samuel Jackson £905/490kg, Philip McKnight £900/500kg, Seamus McCrory £900/460kg, £895/490kg, £880/470kg, £840/430kg, £860/490kg, £830/500kg, Conor McWilliams £875/420kg, Ian Murphy £875/500kg, £850/500kg, Gerard Girvin £825/440kg, Henry McBride £815/430kg, Gerard Girvan £800/400kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Peter O’Neill £960/390kg, £875/340kg, £855/410kg, Henry Gribbin £900/430kg, Paul Gribbin £895/410kg, Tony Kelly £885/410kg, Paul Gribbon £880/450kg, £870/400kg, £855/420kg, £840/350kg, £830/380kg, £800/440kg, S Bradley £840/410kg, John ONeill £810/80kg, £760/330kg, Peter O’Neill £795/340kg, £790/330kg, Ian Murphy Murphy £785/370kg, Michael McBride £740/360kg, Gregory O’Kane £735/340kg, S Bradley £730/360kg, £715/330kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Jude Martin £865/400kg, Michael McBride £745/280kg, £735/300kg, £695/310kg, £625/310kg, Peter ONeill £735/340kg, £735/350kg, £660/300kg, £645/300kg, £640/300kg, Jude Martin £730/390kg, £725/430kg, £720/350kg, John O’Neill £640/310kg, Rosaleen McKinless £630/270kg, Jude Martin £625/350kg, Peter O’Neill £620/310kg, Jude Martin £620/300kg.

FAT COWS: W Galway £1267.20/640kg, Andrew Orr £1197.20/730kg, Gerard Rafferty £1190.70/810kg, B Quinn £1176.40/680kg, Ivor Smith £1117.50/750kg, £917.70/690kg, Gerard Rafferty £950.40/720kg, Terry Eastwood £900.90/770kg, £888/600kg, £879.80/530kg, J and K Lavery £889/700kg, B Quinn £873.60/560kg, Pat McKenna £85120/640kg.