Draperstown Mart (Richard Beattie): Bullocks sell to £1,485 for 640kg

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Excellent quality stock on Friday sold to a very firm trade.

Bullocks £1,485/640kg, heifers £1,385/630kg, weanlings up to £1,145 and fat cows £1,424.50/770kg.

BULLOCKS: William Kealey £1,485/640kg, Cochrane Boyle £1360/670kg, £1,310/640kg, Richard Rocks £1,360/660kg, R Ramsey £1,340/690kg, £1,280/640kg, £1,280/690kg, £1,200/580kg, Stewart and Ian Black £1,205/530kg, Andrew Johnston £1,165/570kg, Cochrane Boyle £1150/570kg, Edmund Ferguson £1,140/550kg, £1,125/540kg, £1,125/490kg, Andrew Johnston £1,115/520kg, £1,080/550kg, Frank McVey £1,095/500kg, £1,050/450kg, Edmund Ferguson £1,085/520kg, £1,050/500kg, £1,035/510kg, £1,020/520kg, £985/440kg, Ray Wilson £1075/490kg, £1,040/530kg, Austin Glasgow £1,015/450kg, Andrew Johnston £1,000/480kg and Frank McVey £1,000/510kg, £980/440kg.

HEIFERS: William Kealey £1,385/630kg, £1,360/620kg, £1,355/610kg, £1,315/570kg, Fergus Ferguson £1,315/590kg, £1,280/590kg, £1,270/580kg, £1,240/580kg, £1,190/560kg, £1,150/590kg, William Kealey £1,265/560kg, £1,260/550kg, £1,255/610kg, £1,250/580kg, £1,240/610kg, Seamus McCrory £1,115/530kg, £1,100/550kg, Charles Campbell £1,105/520kg, Michael Loughran £1,095/520kg, R Ramsey £1,095/550kg, £1,090/600kg, Norman McAllister £1,090/590kg, S McCrory £1,075/540kg, £1,075/540kg, Charles Campbell £1,070/540kg, K McCullagh £1,070/560kg, D Wright £1,070/490kg, Hugh Bradley £1,070/500kg and Norman McAllister £1,065/560kg.

WEANLING MALE: Eoin Loughran £1,145/520kg, £1,100/500kg, £1,100/500kg, £1,095/520kg, £1,095/480kg, £1,090/510kg, James Chivers £1,095/540kg, £1,080/500kg, £1,075/470kg, £1,070/510kg, £1,070/480kg, £1,055/490kg, £1,055/440kg, Eoin Loughran £1,040/480kg, Johnston Mitchell £1,030/540kg, Seamus Loughran £1,025/400kg, £960/370kg, Eoin Loughran £1,005/440kg, £1,000/470kg, James Chivers £1,000/470kg, Sean O’Neill £990/430kg, £930/420kg, E Charles £940/370kg, Mary Ballantine £920/450kg, £900/450kg, James Duffy £900/410kg, R McLaughlin £895/400kg and Michael McBride £895/400kg.

WEANLING FEMALE: Eoin Loughran £1,000/400kg, Martin McCrory £900/390kg, E Charles £900/400kg, A Coyle £875/370kg, Hugh O’Hagan £870/360kg, Mary Ballantine £800/400kg, Sean Mullan £800/430kg, Seamus Loughran £760/270kg, £725/320kg, John Canavan £730/410kg, Patrick Mortimer £730/350KG, £705/380kg, Pat McKenna £715/310kg, James Duffy £705/360kg, John Canavan £690/400kg, A Coyle £680/300kg, E Charles £675/320kg, Seamus Loughran £670/280kg, Edward McKendry £665/300kg, James Duffy £645/320kg, J J Canavan £650/390kg and Sean Lavery £645/260kg, £620/280kg.

FAT COWS: James Bradley £1,424.50/770kg, £1,376/800kg, Thomas Graham £1,392/800kg, Dermott McAleer £1,376.40/740kg, Joseph Donnelly £1,357.50/750kg, Raymond McTeague £1,357.20/780kg, Stephen McGurk £1,343.20/730kg, Charles Loughran £1,276.80/760kg, £1,248.30/730kg, Ivan Elliott £1,270.50/770kg, Patrick Devlin £1,262.90/730kg, James Bradley £1,233.70/730kg, Seamus Loughran £1,192.50/750kg, Norman McAdoo £1,186.80/690kg, John McLaughlin £1,157/650kg, J Lennox £1,146.80/610kg, Henry Palmer £1,145.50/790kg, Raymond McTeague £1,122/660kg, Francis Scullion £1,117.20/760kg, John McLaughlin £1,071/700kg, Patrick McCrory £1,049.40/660kg, Cochrane Boyle £1,032.50/590kg, Norman McAdoo £1,006.40/680kg and Ann Walls £995.40/630kg.