Draperstown (Richard Beattie): Bullocks sell to £1,340

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At Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart last Friday bullocks sold to up to £1,340, heifers to £1,175, weanlings up to to £1,035, suckler cows to £1,450 and fat cows to £1,400 for 800kg.

Another full yard of stock sold to a flying trade throughout.

BULLOCKS: Gary Arthur £1,340/650kg, £1,320/630kg, £1,200/670kg, Trevor Paul £1,210/570kg, Thomas and Derot Laverty £1,210/590kg, W and Y Patterson £1,195/540kg, Michael Lagan £1,190/620kg, £1,155/600kg, £1,095/560kg, £1,085/580kg, £1,075/600kg, £1,035/530kg, Trevor Paul £1,150/550kg, £1,120/600kg, £1,115/50kg, John Kealey £1,100/530kg, J J McKenna £1,060/540kg, G Kernohan £1,045/520kg, £1,040/550kg,£1,030/490kg, £1,020/470kg, James Chivers £1,045/450kg, T and D Laverty £1,040/490kg, Gerry O’Hagan £1,030/480kg, £1,025/450kg, Richard Palmer £1,030/440kg, £1,020/460kg, Michael Lagan £1,020/570kg, £1,020/570kg, £1,020/550kg, Trevor Paul £1,015/560kg, J J McKenna £1,015/500kg, £1,010/520kg,

HEIFERS: S Kerr £1,175/580kg, £1,095/580kg, Hugh Bradley £1,175/600kg, £1,130/550kg, £1,115/570kg, £1,115/610kg, £1,105/580kg, Martin Devlin £1,100/540kg, £1,100/520kg, Rose Keenan £1,095/470kg, Rodger Henderson £1,090/580kg, C McBride £1,080/520kg, John McCormack £1,070/450kg, Hugh Bradley £1,060/580kg, Andrew McBride £1,025/470kg, Rose Keenan £1,020/550kg, £1,010/490kg, J Clarke £1,000/490kg, Patrick Devlin £1,000/580kg, S Kerr £1,000/540kg, £990/590kg, Rose Keenan £990/500kg, £985/520kg, John McCormack £980/470kg, 910/410kg,£900/490kg, Cecil Bates £970/500kg, £935/490kg, Michael Lagan £950/510kg, £910/530kg, £895/490kg, Patrick Devlin £945/520kg, £910/530kg, Marion Greaves £930/450kg, £920/480kg, £895/410kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Charles Loughran £1,035/440kg, Ann Marie Ward £1,000/440kg, John Kelly £955/480kg, Gerry O’Hagan £955/400kg, £950/370kg, £950/440kg, Charles Loughran £945/370kg, £935/340kg, £925/440kg, 3925/360kg, £885/350kg, £870/380kg, Jude Martin £945/390kg, Ann Marie Ward £925/390kg, £920/400kg, £920/420kg, £855/420kg, Gerry O’Hagan £920/460kg, £900/38kg, £900/390kg, £880/390kg, £825/430kg, Patrick Mortimer £880/390kg, £800/390kg, £775/3340kg, Jude martin £870/340kg, £805/300kg, Patrick McCann £860/340kg, R and S Mawhinney £825/350kg, £810/340kg, Darren Henderson £720/290kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Ann Marie Ward £745/340kg, £735/330kg, £720/330kg, £700/370kg, Jude Martin £720/320kg, John Daly £715/330kg, Sean McShane £700/300kg, 3660/300kg, Thomas Black £655/270kg,£600/260kg, R and S Mawhinney £635/330kg, Tillie Morrow £635/320kg, Vivian Black £630/280kg, Samuel Jackson £615/270kg, Martin McGlone £600/260kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Michael Lagan £1,450, £1,290, £1,260, £1,260, £1,260, £1,230, £1,090, £1,080, Gerard Lagan £1,320, Barry McCullagh £1,280, Gerard McNamee £1,180, Eric Christie £1,115.

FAT COWS: Jude Martin £1,400/800kg, Sean Trainor £1,252.50/750kg, Alan Hutchinson £1,233.70/730kg, £1,173/690kg, Adrian Cathers £1,110/750kg, £1,018.40/670kg, Declan Rafferty £1,079.70/610kg, Sean Trainor £1,008/480kg, Samuel Smyth £1,008/720kg, Arthur McGuigan £996/660kg, James Kelly £951.30/630kg, £947.20/640kg, Samuel Jackson £945/540kg, Terry Eastwood £930/620kg, Lewis Quinn £911.20/680kg, P McGuigan £883.20/690kg, Pat McKenna £858/660kg, Declan Snow £816/510kg, Aidan Quinn £812.20/620kg, Jude Martin £800.40/580kg, Michael Kelly £764.40/490kg.