Draperstown (Richard Beattie): Bullocks sell to £1,475 for 660kg

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More record prices this week as cattle prices continue to rise.

Bullocks sold to £1,475 for 660kg, heifers sold to £1,240 for 570kg, weanlings sold up to £1,120, fat cows sold to £1,376 for 860kg and suckler cows sold to £1,240.


Fergal Gormley £1,475/660kg, John Lynn £1,440/690kg, Francis McKee £1,425/680kg, £1,400/660kg, £1,390/690kg, C Spence £1,380/670kg, Kevin Lagan £1,345/650kg, £1,320/660kg, £1,280/650kg, J J McKenna £1,330/640kg, Brendan and Conor McLoughlin £1,320/660kg, Fergal Gormley £1,315/590kg, Gary Arthur £1,310/700kg, £1,285/680kg, C Spence £1,300/650kg, M Kelly £1,280/530kg, John Gourley £1,275/630kg, John Lynn £1,260/630kg, D McLaughlin £1,245/590kg, Thomas Jeffers £1,245/640kg, L Moore £1,245/520kg, Gary Nugent £1,240/530kg, Kevin Lagan £1,240/610kg, £1,220/620kg, Gary Arthur £1,215/640kg, Francis Kee £12,35/590kg, C Spence £1,230/600kg, J J McKenna £1,225/600kg, John Lynn £1,215/570kg, £1,200/560kg, P McGuigan £1,215/590kg, Brendan and Conor McLoughlin £1,205/600kg, Kevin Lagan £1,195/560kg, F A and S Conway £1,190/520kg, John Gourley £1,190/580kg, P A McGuigan £1,190/530kg, John Lynn £1,185/550kg, Anna Lagan £1,180/670kg, S Moore £1,175/620kg, Andrew McClementd £1,175/550kg, Thomas Jeffers £1,170/540kg, Robert Rutledge £1,170/560kg, Thomas Jeffers £1,165/550kg and John Lynn £1,160/560kg, £1,160/560kg.


Francis McKee £1,240/570kg, £1,200/600kg, Fergal Gormley £1,200/630kg, £1,105/510kg, £1,100/540kg, Cyril Quinn £1,125/540kg, John Gourley £1,080/610kg, Dermot Nugent £1,080/490kg, F A and S Conway £1,060/520kg, Robert Rutledge £1,055/570kg, John Gourley £1,040/560kg, Francis McKee £1,030/500kg, Fergal Gormley £1,030/480kg, Robert Rutledge £1,020/500kg, £960/540kg, £960/500kg, £955/490kg, £940/450kg, Dermot Nugent £1,015/500kg, £1,010/460kg, £1,000/510kg, £1,000/520kg, £990/470kg, £940/500kg, £905/460kg, £900/450kg, Michael Lagan £920/520kg, Gerard Lagan £910/500kg, Cyril Quinn £910/540kg and Dermot Nugent £900/460kg.


Michael Quinn 965/390kg, £925/430, £895/360, £850/360kg, £825/320kg, £700/320kg, Joseph Duggan £705/320kg, L Black £670/320kg, 595/310kg, £570/310kg, £500/300kg and M Black £590/360kg, £585/260kg, £505/230kg, £500/270kg, £465/220kg.


D Wright £1,120/520kg, £855/370kg, £800/360kg, £705/330kg, £680/310kg,Michael Quinn £780/370kg, Gerry O’Hagan £745/350kg, £700/320kg, £700/370kg, M Quinn £670/370kg, £540/260kg, M Bradley £660/300kg, D Wright £580/290kg, H Black £575/310kg and Francis Murphy £315/140kg.


John Forbes £1,376/860kg, Robert Ferguson £1,315.80/860kg, John Boyle £1,284.40/760kg, Robert Ferguson £1,279.20/780kg, John Forbes £1,254.60/820kg, John Lowe £1,140.30/630kg, Robert Ferguson £1,138.80/780kg, James Duffy £1,131/780kg, Brendan McCullagh £1,087.50/750kg, John owe £1,073/580kg, S Moore £1,071.60/760kg, Robert Ferguson £1,066.50/790kg, Damien Barrett £1,033.50/650kg, Charles Warnack £1,006.40/740kg, E Dunn £944/590kg, £897.60/660kg, Dermot Nugent £931.50/690kg, Noel McVeigh £912.50/730kg, Brendan and Conor McLoughlin £910.80/660kg, £897/650kg, Brendan McCullagh £890.80/680kg, Gary Nugent £861.80/620kg, Charles Warnock £825.60/60kg, E Daly £795.20/560kg, £737.50/590kg and C Convery £752.60/530kg.


J McCloskey £1,404/1170kg, Brendan Kelly £1,260/630kg and Joseph Duggan £1,230/1000kg.


Gortin farmer £1,240, £1,210, £1,200, £1,180, Charles Quigley £1,100 and P McElhone £980.