Draperstown (Richard Beattie): Bullocks sell to £1,505 for 750kg

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There were excellent prices in all sections last Friday at Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart.

An outstanding show of stock presented for sale selling keenly to demanding ringside.

Bullocks £1,505/750kg, heifers £1,310/630kg, weanlings up to £1,060, suckler cows up to £1,190 and fat cows £1,275/750kg.

BULLOCKS: Kenneth Brown £1,505/750kg, £1,350/6/0kg, £1,330/640kg, £1,270/620kg, £1,220/640kg, £1,150/570kg, Francis McKee £1,495/700kg, £1,490/680kg, David McMurray £1,455/710kg, £1,215kg, David Duncan £1,350/690kg, Gary Arthur £1,290/670kg, £1,175/620kg, Patrick O’Donnell £1,260/620kg, Kenneth Mitchell £1,250/560, Robert Ferguson £1,215/600kg, W Galway £1,205/570kg, £1,180/570kg, £1,145/560kg, £1,140/540kg, £1,120/530kg, Kenneth Brown £1,170/570kg, £1,120/630kg, Edward Logue £1,150/580kg, £1,145/580kg, David Duncan £1,150/630kg, Kenneth Mitchell £1,130/570kg, James Duffy £1,120/520kg, Michael Loughran £1,110/490kg, Charles Loughran £1,105/540kg, J and A McGurk £1,105/580kg, Charles Loughran £1,100/480kg, £1,100/490kg, £1,080/490kg, £1065/520kg, £1,055/540kg, Gary Arthur £1v100/590kg, £1,090/570kg, £1,075/560kg, Kenneth Mitchell £1,090/530kg, W Galway £1,090/490kg,£1,045/490kg, Seamus Loughran £1,085/500kg, £1,050/510kg, £1,060/460kg, James Chivers £1,070/540kg, £1,065/490kg.

HEIFERS: David McMurray £1,310/630kg, Elizabeth Kennedy £1,295/650kg, W Galway £1,240/600kg, £1,130/560kg, £1,115/540kg, £1,095/600kg, £1,075/620kg, £1,060/580kg, David McMurray £1,200/640kg, £1200610kg, £1,140/630kg, £1,100/610kg, Kenneth Mitchell £1,080/560kg, £990/490kg, Nigel Fields £1,065/510kg, £1,005/490kg, J and A McGurk £1,030/560kg, Dominic Rafferty £1,000/520kg, Charles Mallon £970/450kg, Joe Canavan £970/460kg, Nigel Fields £960/450kg, £960/450kg, £890/440kg, Charles Loughran £950/500kg, £905/410kg, J and A McGurk £940/550kg, £930/500kg, Seamus Loughran £930/480kg, £925/440kg, £900/450kg, £850/470kg, £845/430kg, £840/400kg, £815/400kg, Joe Canavan £910/440kg, William Davis £885/480kg, James Chivers £870/450kg, Nigel Fields £865/410kg, £840/400kg, Charles Loughran £850/380kg, Alaistair Turtle £800/470kg, Charles Mallon £800/420kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Francis McGillion £1,060/490kg, Malachy Nicholas £1,005/450kg, James McVeigh £950/430kg, Arthur McGuigan £890/440kg, E Charles £875/410kg, Samuel Jackson £875/380kg, £870/400kg, James McVeigh £870/380kg, Arthur McGuigan £840/420kg, £830/360kg, £775/420kg, Hugh Lagan £800/340kg, Malcolm Smyth £800/380kg, E Charles £795/350kg, Malachy Nicholas £790/440kg, £765/350kg, Alan Clarke £85/360kg, £780/330kg, £765/340kg, Samuel Jackson £765/350kg, Rose Quinn £760/330kg, Alan Clarke £760/370kg, £755/360kg, £755/360kg, £750/370kg, Hugh Lagan £750/340kg, Malcolm Smyth £750/350kg, £720/300kg, £705/280kg, £705/320kg, Sylvia Miller £700/280kg, Samuel Jackson £700/270kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: James Orr £945/540kg, £910/430kg, £905/420kg, £900/440kg, S Murray £910/420kg, Richard Moore £890/410kg, E Charles £870/410kg, Eoin Loughran £865/410kg, £855/400kg, £850/400kg, £820/420kg, £800/420kg, £800/420kg, Brendan McCloskey £830/420kg, Francis McKee £825/340kg, £805/330kg, Philip Biggar £810/370kg, James McVeigh £790/390kg, James Orr £785/380kg, James McVeigh £775/380kg, Eoin Loughran £755/320kg, £750/400kg, £735/330kg, S Miller £750/340kg, Hugh Lagan £750/340kg, Brendan McCloskey £745/330kg, Richard Moore £735/330kg, Martin McCrory £730/340kg, James Orr £750/410kg, Patrick McGarvey £730/360kg, E Charles £725/320kg, Hugh Lagan £20/330kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Thomas Henderson £1,190, £1,150, £1,100, £1,095, £1,020, Shane Burke £1,170, £1,080, William Moore £1,065, £1,065, £1,055,£1,050, £1,050, Robert Miller £1,060.

FAT COWS: E and J Doris £1,275/750kg, £1,069/700kg, I and A Sinclair £1,226.40/730kg, William Johnston £1,122.20/620kg, Feargal McKenna £1,069.20/660kg, £858/600kg, Hugh O’Hagan £877.50/650kg, Desmond Lennox £877.20/510kg, E and J Doris £844.80/660kg, John O’Hagan £819/650kg, Eric Dallas £814.20/690kg, Edward O’Hagan £705.20/410kg, Peter O’Murray £680.40/540kg.