Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,330 for 680kg

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A packed yard of stock on Friday (March 15) with prices remaining a very strong trade.

Prices as follows


Paul Molloy £1,330/680kg, £1,220/630kg, £1,210/650kg, £1,210/670kg, £1,205/630kg, £1,205/650kg, £1,200/640kg, James McCracken £1,220/550kg, £1,195/580kg, £1,165/530kg, £1,155/540kg, £1,150/540kg, £1,130/510kg, £1,110/540kg, Bert McLean £1,205/670kg, Ralph Pickering £1,200/580kg, £1,195/590kg, Seamus McDonnell £1,200/670kg, £1,180/680kg, William Kealey £1,185/630kg, £1,170/570kg, Damien Barrett £1,180/590kg, Thomas Boyd £1,160/610kg, Paul Molloy £1,160/600kg, £1,155/590kg, £1,140/540kg, £1,140/590kg, £1,140/580kg, £1,120/590kg, £1,100/610kg, £1,095/540kg, Seamus McDonnell £1,140/610kg, £1,130/600kg, £1,120/630kg, £1,100/620kg, William Moore £1,130/600kg, James McCraxken £1,100/520kg, £1,100/530kg, £1,100/510kg, £1,090/450kg, £1,070/470kg, £1,050/500kg, £1,040/500kg, £1,035/510kg, £1,030/450kg, £1,015/420kg, Damien Barrett £1,090/570kg, Peter Quinn £1,090/540kg, Thomas Boyd £1,080/620kg and William Kealey £1,060/550kg.


John Donnelly £1,260/660kg, £1,255/660kg, William Kealey £1,250/620kg, £1,150/590kg, £1,150/570kg, Joseph McKenna £1,160/570kg, John Donnelly £1,150/600kg, P and E McCrory £1,125/550kg, Henry Scullion £1,110/570kg, John Donnelly £1,090/550kg, Bert McLean £1,080/580kg, £1,025/530kg, £1,010/510kg, J Morrison £990/550kg, William Moore £975/580kg, Patrick Owens £970/480kg, P and E McCrory £960/470kg, Damien Barrett £955/530kg, J Morrison £950/580kg, £940/580kg, William Moore £950/540kg, £935/500kg, £925/490kg, £920/520kg, £915/470kg and Patrick Owens £900/470kg, £885/460kg, £870/400kg, £870/450kg.


Peter O’Murray £970/440kg, P O’Kane £970/450kg, Robert Miller £970/450kg, James McCracken £965/420kg, Conor McCullagh £950/410kg, Peter O’Murray £940/480kg, P O’Kane £935/490kg, Ryan McCullagh £935/450kg, James McCracken £920/380kg,£905/380kg, Michael Quinn £910/460kg, Conor McCullagh £900/370kg, Ryan McCullagh £900/430klg, P O’Kane £890/380kg, Peter O’Murray £865/430kg and Sean McElhatton £860/330kg.


P O’Kane £880/420kg, Conor McCullagh £800/350kg, Ryan McCullagh £800/350kg, £785/420kg, Conor McCullagh £765/280kg, £750/320kg, £740/320kg, £705/260kg, £695/270kg, £685/250kg, Patrick Clarke £700/300kg, Ryan McCullagh £695/350kg and Sean McElhatton £650/270kg, £550/200kg, £505/190kg.


John McFarland £1,271.70/810kg, £1,220.10/830kg, £1,213.60/820kg, £1,188/880kg, £1,185/750kg, B and L Higgins £1,166.10/690kg, Martin McCrory £1,130.40/720kg, Nigel Jordan £1,122/680kg,John McFarland £1,084.20/780kg, B and L Higgins £1,072/670kg, Charles Loughran £1,056/660kg, £962/740kg, £907.20/630kg, Nigel Jordan £1,001/770kg, Eric Connor £912/760kg and Martin Brogan £857.60/670kg.