Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,415 for 690kg

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There was a roaring trade in all sections last Friday at Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart.

Bullocks sold to £1,415 for 690kg, heifers sold to £1,110 for 560kg, weanlings sold to up to £1,000, suckler cows sold to £1,300 and fat cows sold to £1,644.30 for 810kg.


Gary Arthur £1,415/690kg, £1,340/670kg, £1,300/630kg, £1,300/650kg, D Wright £1,300/640kg, Ronald Davidson £1,240/610kg, £1,220/610kg, £1,220/610kg, £1,200/600kg, £1,165/590kg, Thomas McKendry £1,220/590kg, £1,190/600kg, Paul Molloy £1,165/540kg, S Kelly £1,160/520kg, £1,150/540kg, £1,150/560kg, £1,145/520kg, £1,140/510kg, £1,130/510kg, £1,095/510kg, Thomas McKendry £1,090/520kg, £1,065/540kg, £1,060/520kg, £1,060/530kg, £1,040/530kg, £1,035/550kg, Hugh Heron £1,145580kg, £1,050/570kg, L D Davidson £1,135/560kg, Paul Mollpoy £1075/520kg, £1050/520kg, £1045/530kg, C Scott £1060/480kg, £1,060/490kg, D Gallagher £1,010/470kg, £1,005/470kg, £1,000/450kg, £970/440kg, £950/400kg, P Molloy £980/470kg, £980/480kg, £970/470kg, £950/480kg, £910/470kg, John Foster £960/490kg and George Kerr £945/490kg, £930/500kg.


Paul Molloy £1,110/560kg, £1,070/500kg, £1,020/520kg, £1,020/530kg, Tony Lagan £1,095/570kg, £1,070/550kg, £1,050/550kg, £1,000/490kg, £1,000/570kg, Alex Bradley /1080/500kg, £1,010/490kg, £1,000/520kg, £980/460kg, £945/440kg, £940/450kg, £920/460kg,Stanley Watterson £1010/490kg, £960/500kg, William Neill £905/500kg, Tony Lagan £900/480kg, Charles Campbell £900/440kg, Alex Bradley £900/450kg, Iso Lees £890/490kg, O O’Neill £890/450kg, Paul Molloy £88kg, Alex Bradley £875/430kg, £870/380kg, William Neill £870/490kg, Tony Lagan £850/410kg, Stanley Watterson £850/460kg, O O’Neill £845/420kg, £830/430kg, George Kerr £845/470kg, Patrick Conway £840/530kg, Brian O’Neill £830/450kg, Malachy Nicholas £825/480kg, Richard Savage £815/420kg and Tony Lagan £800/400kg.


E Caldwell £1,000/450kg, £975/550kg, £900/520kg, £795/470kg, £775/380kg, £755/350kg, Robin Young £865/420kg, Peter McGurk £775/310kg, £690/290kg, £670/290kg, S Gurney £740/310kg, Samuel McCready £700/270kg, E Caldwell £675/470kg and S Gourney £600/260kg.


S and A Conway £800/360kg, £800/380kg, £795/kg, E Caldwell £kg, Brendan Lagan £690/3330kg, £680/300kg, £620/300kg, Austin Glasgow £635/340kg, McKinney Bros £635/360kg, E Caldwell £600/310kg, Samuel McCready £600/270kg, Peter McGurk £550/250kg, £510/250kg and Patrick Wilson £500/250kg.


Robert Miller £1300, Peter McKenna £1165, £1165, £1120, £1075, £1060, £1015, £1000, Tony Kelly £1100, £1005, Peter Toner £1000, James Kelly £970, £950, Kenneth McIlwaine £945, M OKane £940 and Patrick Brogan £900.


Frank Stewart £1,644.30/810kg, McKinney Bros £1,485.20/790kg, Kevin Kelly £1,369.40/820kg, Michael McCrory £1,340.40/860kg, Kenneth McIlwaine £1,274/980kg, Hugh O’Hagan £1,216.80/780kg, E Caldwell £1,162/700kg, P McKenna £1,152/720kg, Brian Quinn £1,139.80/820kg, Samuel McCready £1,135.20/660kg, Michael McKenna £1,100.80/640kg, Adrian Cudden £1,081.60/520kg, Francis McKee £1,080.80/560kg, E Biggar £1,008/720kg, Robert Miller £9998.30/670kg, Hugh O’Hagan £979.40/590kg, D McCloskey £950.40/720kg, James Kelly £934.80/570kg, P McGuigan £911.20/680kg ,S Miller £903/700kg, E Caldwell £896/700kg and P Conway £871/670kg.